Tarptautinis verslas (MNG108)

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The course aims to introduce students to the main concepts of international business. In the new millennium, the drive of most businesses is to „go global.“ The trade and investment barriers have been easing and we are witnessing the emerging of more companies into international markets. However, with such expansion, there are opportunities as well as challenges that students of international studies need to understand. In this course, students will familiarize themselves with various controllable and uncontrollable business environments and will develop an understanding of managing international businesses in such environments. Furthermore, students through various cultural dimensions will be able to understand the multicultural aspects of international businesses as well as the ethical responsibilities of international firms.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • Identify dynamics and direction of international trade and foreign direct investment
  • Compare and contrast various trade theories that explain the benefit and challenges of international trade and foreign direct investment
  • Examine the role of International organizations and institutions that affect international business operations
  • Explain multicultural aspects of international business and the cultural dimensions that indicate the cultural behavior of international business organizations
  • Identify objectives of international business assignments and explain the role of expatriates in today’s global business environment
  • Examine the ethical and social responsibilities of multinational firms in foreign business operations


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