International Business and Communication

The International Business and Communication programme aims to introduce business from all angles – communication, marketing, social responsibility, and international economics. During your studies, you will learn about the world economy and discuss political leaders’ decisions and their impact on the economy and individual companies. These discussions will be based on real-life examples, such as Donald Trump’s trade policies or Brexit. This program will prepare you for a career in marketing, communications, public relations, sales, or human resources at any multinational company.

After graduation you will be able to answer these questions:

How to introduce a foreign brand in the Lithuanian Market?

Multinational companies, corporations, service centers

How to attract foreign companies to invest in Lithuania?

Government institutions

Which foreign market shall we enter first?

Business, startups

How to develop an international partnership with a non-profit organization?

Various organizations from culture to start-up

ISM alumni work at these national and international companies

Executives of the largest international companies operating in Lithuania say ISM University provides highest quality education.

2019 Quarterly Lithuanian Investor Confidence Index Survey

General information


3 years + bachelor thesis

Study language


Bachelor of Business Management

Additional option – double degree

Study form

Part time in Lithuania  and part time in Norway, France or Sweden

Partner universities


on average higher salary compared to graduates of other LT universities

Data: Lithuanian Government Strategic analysis center, graduates of  economy, finance and management, 2017

1800 €

average salary after tax 2-3 years after graduation

Survey of ISM graduates 2019


graduates would recommend studies at ISM to friends or family


graduates are employed in their degree field


lecturers from abroad

Every 3rd

owns a business


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Benas Adomavičius

Jonathan Boyd
Associate Professor

Tom Hashimoto
DPhil candidate
University of Oxford

Maik Huettinger

Dmitrij Katkov

Vida Škudienė

Mariana Sueldo
Associate Professor

Aras Zirgulis
Associate Professor

Tuition fee

Number of credits


Semester fee for EU students

2480 €

Semester tuition fee for non EU students

2600 €


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Brigita Kavaliauskaitė, Portugal

Exchange semester filled my life with joy and happiness. I discovered an accurate description of the perfect moment – conversations while watching a sunset, afternoons with loved ones, the discovery of new places, like-minded people. Even when I return to Porto after the exchange, I feel like I’m home!

After graduation you will be able to:

Explain if the marketing mix should be standardised or adapted across cultures


Predict the development of international markets and business sectors


Improve the internal and external communication strategy of a company


Apply in practice theories and models of company’s business organisation, planning, management, motivation and control


Develop a successful strategy for a company to expand into international markets


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