Doctoral Programme in Management is organized by ISM University of Management and Economics in partnership with BI Norwegian Business School, Norway, Aarhus University, Denmark, and University of Tartu, Estonia.

About the program

Doctoral Programme in Management is organized by ISM University of Management and Economics in partnership with BI Norwegian Business School, Norway, Aarhus University, Denmark, and University of Tartu, Estonia.


The purpose of doctoral studies is to develop researchers who are able to perform research aimed at solving relevant social and business problems and contribute to existing knowledge.


Doctoral students are taught and supervised by prominent scholars who perform relevant research, publish in high-level international journals, act as experts, and participate in research networks and projects, thus ensuring high quality of studies


Part-time doctoral studies provide an opportunity to combine a professional career with a doctorate. The knowledge and research skills acquired in doctoral studies enable you to apply research-based solutions in professional activities.

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Full time: 4 years; Part time studies: 6 years; Externally: up to 1 year.
Doctor of Management

Program benefits

International studies
At ISM you'll find world-class networks, experience and mindset
Contribution to knowledge
That makes an impact
Personal development
Advanced research and data analysis methods can be applied in any field
Integration of research with professional career
Research based problem solving
I wanted to independently explore a topic of my choice and ISM appeared to be the best university in Lithuania to pursue my interest in consumer behaviour.
Martin Aubel
Doctoral student

Publications of Doctoral Students

Uždavinytė, E. M., Aubel, M., & Gineikienė, J. (2019)
It is domestic, it must be healthy: How health consciousness and consumer ethnocentrism shape healthiness perception and purchase intentions of domestic food
Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies, 10(2), 196-211
Qureshi, W. (2020)
The Role of Human Capital in the Implementation of Healthcare Innovation in the UAE
In V. Pereira, M. Neal, Y. Temouri, & W. Qureshi (Eds.), Human Capital in the Middle East A UAE Perspective (pp. 275-310). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham
Poškienė, E., & Kazlauskaitė, R. (2020)
Organizational caring for employee wellbeing through performance management
Human Resource Management (Zarzadzanie Zasobami Ludzkimi), 136(5), 13-34
Jaškienė, J., & Bučiūnienė, I. (2021)
Human resource management–research performance linkage in higher education institutions
Management: Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, 26(1), 149-168


Admission and other information

Dissertation defense
Doctoral Committee


State scholarships for full time studies (4 years)*

The scholarships will be offered to full-time doctoral students in Management and Economics. A scholarship covers the tuition fee and provides a student grant (for first-year doctoral students – 931 EUR/month; for second, third, and fourth year doctoral students – 1078 EUR/month). Candidates to the state doctoral study scholarships are selected by means of competition according to the results of the competitive entry score.

Tuition fees discounts

Doctoral students who are graduates of an ISM Bachelor’s, International Master’s, or Master’s degree in Management are granted an ISM graduate discount. The amount of the discount is 30% of the tuition fee paid for the entire study period. The discount is also given to doctoral students who have received a high competitive score.

Doctoral candidates may present their dissertation for defense when they:

  • Pass all the examinations provided in the doctoral study program
  • Present their most significant research results in at least 2 articles published (or accepted for publication) in scientific peer-reviewed journals, or scientific monography
  • Present their research results during at least 2 international scientific gatherings (conferences, seminars)

Doctoral Committee: evaluates research topics of doctoral students, approves individual study programs, considers doctoral supervision issues, monitors doctoral student research progress, and assesses the quality of doctoral dissertations.


The Doctoral Committee is composed of researchers from all participating partner universities, co-ordinates, and assures the quality of doctoral studies and scientific research.

The Doctoral Committee consists of:

  • Prof. dr. Ilona Bučiūnienė – ISM University of Management and Economics / Chairperson
  • Prof. dr. Viltė Auruškevičienė – ISM University of Management and Economics
  • Prof. dr. Valdonė Darškuvienė – ISM University of Management and Economics
  • Prof. dr. Mogens Dilling-Hansen – Aarhus University (Denmark)
  • Prof. dr. Rūta Kazlauskaitė – ISM University of Management and Economics
  • Prof. dr. Ralf Müller – BI Norwegian Business School (Norway)
  • Prof. dr. Rutger van Oest – BI Norwegian Business School (Norway)
  • Prof. dr. Maaja Vadi – University of Tartu (Estonia)
  • Prof. dr. Bernadeta Goštautaitė – ISM University of Management and Economics
  • Assoc. prof. dr. Birte Asmuß – Aarhus University (Denmark)

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