Doctoral Programme in Management

Doctoral Programme in Management is organized by ISM University of Management and Economics in partnership with BI Norwegian Business School, Norway, Aarhus University, Denmark, and University of Tartu, Estonia.

The program is run by prominent researchers of the respective universities, who perform high-quality research and regularly publish in high-level international journals, act as experts, and participate in research projects – ensuring the high quality of studies through the curriculum and scientific internships.

The purpose of doctoral studies is to develop researchers, who are able to contribute to existing knowledge and conduct high-quality research aimed at solving relevant social and business problems.

Doctoral studies lead to the development of competencies and skills necessary for analyzing scientific literature, raising research questions, selecting adequate research methodology, conducting empirical research, and sharing it with the international academic community.

General information

Length of study

Full time: 4 years; Part time studies: 6 years; Externally: up to 1 year.


Degree awarded

Doctor of Management


Dissertation defence

Doctoral candidates may present their dissertation for defense when they:

– pass all the examinations provided in the doctoral study program;

– present their most significant research results in at least 2 articles published (or accepted for publication) in scientific peer-reviewed journals, or scientific monography;

– present their research results during at least 2 international scientific gatherings (conferences, seminars).


In Lithuania, it is the first Doctoral program in Management carried out jointly with foreign partner universities. Studies are organized by ISM University of Management and Economics. The program is conducted in English.


Publications of Doctoral Students


  • Master’s degree or equivalent higher education
  • Knowledge of English language

  • Scientific publications
  • Research proposal project
  • GPA of Master studies (grades in the supplement to a Master’s or any other equivalent diploma)
  • Interview
  • English language skills


Applicants must submit an online application

  • Completed application form (in English, according to the form).
  • Master’s degree diploma and its supplement (submit copies and show original).
  • Applicants who have earned their degrees abroad must submit original notarised translations (into English) of the Master’s degree diploma and its supplement (recognition of foreign qualifications).
  • Enveloped and sealed recommendations from two scholars (in English; according to the form). Due to pandemic recommendations must be sent by a scholar (from a personal e-mail) to this e-mail address .
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) (in English).
  • Research proposal (in English; according to the form; to be submitted in both hard and electronic (Word format, e-mail:) copies).
  • Motivation letter explaining the reasons of applying to doctoral studies (in English).
  • Proved English language skills (for non-native speakers), which should meet the requirements of Upper Intermediate level or higher. Valid results of TOEFL, IELTS are accepted of the last 2 years. Minimum test scores are: TOEFL – a score of 70 points; IELTS academic – a score of 6.0. If none of these tests has been taken, a test will be organised at ISM.
  • List and copies of publications (if applicable; list of publications in English).
  • Digital photo (3×4 cm).
  • Copy of passport or ID card (copy of the page of passport with the photo and personal data) (submit copies and show original
  • Applicants whose documents presented for admission are issued under different surnames must submit a copy of the document confirming the change (submit copies and show original).
  • Bank statement confirming the payment of the application and English language test (if applicable) fee.

*Research topics for 2021 will be adjusted.

 Marketing and Consumer Behavior   Urban environments and consumer behavior  Prof. dr.Yannick Joye
 Decreasing materialism  Prof. dr. Yannick Joye


Internationalization and Innovations  Internationalization and Innovations  Prof. dr. Valdonė Darškuvienė
 International HRM  Prof. dr. Rūta Kazlauskaitė
 Automation, training and job polarization throughout Europe  Prof. dr. Maik Huettinger & Assoc. Prof. dr. Jonathan Boyd
 Consumer attitudes and decision making    

Consumer Attitudes: Advancing the Knowledge


Prof. dr. Justina Gineikienė

 Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management  Learning and unlearning leadership  Prof.dr. Raimonda Alonderienė
 Work environment, employee wellbeing and performance  Prof. dr. Rūta Kazlauskaitė
 Contemporary work-life balance: the perspective of older (female) employees  Prof. dr. Rūta Kazlauskaitė
 Innovations in Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management


 Human resourse management  in the context of emerging technologies  Prof.dr. Ilona Bučiūnienė



 Sustainable Human Resources and Diversity Management  Sustainable human resource management and value creation  Prof. dr. Ilona Bučiūnienė
 Sustainable employment of persons with disability  Prof. dr. Ilona Bučiūnienė
 Sustainable and healthy consumption  Novel approaches to foster sustainable and healthy consumption  Prof. dr. Justina Gineikienė
 International markets and consumers  International Consumer Behavior  

Prof. dr. Justina Gineikienė

 Finance and Corporate Governance  Finance and Corporate Governance  Prof. dr. Valdonė Darškuvienė

* Preliminary dates. Will be adjusted.

  • Doctoral Studies Information Day: 2021 04 08
  • Seminar: How to write a research proposal?: 2021 05 06
  • Submission of applications:  2021 06 30 – 2021 08 16
  • English test (if required): 2021 08 17
  • Individual motivation interviews: 2021 08 24 – 2021 08 26
  • Decision of Admission Committee communicated to the applicants: 2021 08 26
  • Signing of study contracts with the doctoral program: 2021 09 06


  • Admission fee is 100 € (EU citizens), 150 € (non-EU citizens), English language test price is 30 €.
Admission fee and English language test shall be paid according to the ISM Procedure for Payment for University Services by filling out a payment slip of a template format.

Admission fee payment information:

Payment code: 190 Study code: 140 Payer‘s code: 11999998
Recipient: ISM University of Management and Economics
Address: Aušros Vartų g. 7A, Vilnius, Lithuania
Registration number / VAT number.: 111963319 / LT119633113
Bank: Luminor Bank AS
Account No.: LT574010049500436891
  • 100 € (payment of admission fee only)
  • 130 € (payment of admission fee and English language test fee)

  • 5323 EUR (full-time studies, 4 years)
  • 3548,5 EUR  (part-time studies, up to 6 years

*per semester


State scholarships for full time studies (4 years)*

The scholarships will be offered to full-time doctoral students in Management and Economics. A scholarship covers the tuition fee and provides a student grant ( 722 EUR/month). Candidates to the state doctoral study scholarships are selected by means of competition according to the results of the competitive entry score.

State scholarships for part-time studies (6 years)* 

The scholarships will be offered to full-time doctoral students in Management and Economics. A scholarship covers the tuition fee. Candidates to the state doctoral study scholarships are selected by means of competition according to the results of the competitive entry score.

Discounts for ISM graduates

Doctoral students who are graduates of an ISM Bachelor’s, International Master’s, or Master’s degree in Management are granted an ISM graduate discount. The amount of the discount is 30% of the tuition fee paid for the entire study period.

Doctoral Committee

Doctoral Committee: evaluates research topics of doctoral students, approves individual study programs, considers doctoral supervision issues, monitors doctoral student research progress, and assesses the quality of doctoral dissertations.


The Doctoral Committee is composed of researchers from all participating partner universities, co-ordinates, and assures the quality of doctoral studies and scientific research.

  1. Prof., dr. Ilona Bučiūnienė – ISM – Chairperson
  2. Prof., dr. Mogens Dilling-Hansen – Aarhus University
  3. Prof., dr. Maaja Vadi – University of Tartu
  4. Prof., dr. Rutger van Oest – BI Norwegian Business School
  5. Prof., dr. Viltė Auruškevičienė – ISM
  6. Prof., dr. Rūta Kazlauskaitė – ISM
  7. Prof., dr. Valdonė Darškuvienė – ISM/ VDU
  8. Prof., dr. Bernadeta Goštautaitė – ISM
  9. Prof., dr. Ralf Müller – BI Norwegian Business School