Global Leadership and Strategy

Start your executive career faster! From the very first days, you will gain the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to become a strong executive. Your studies will include a global business project, mentorship from top professionals, personal coaching sessions, leadership opportunities and visits to international companies. After completion, you will be ready to take up management positions in any industry – from medicine to technology. We have created this unique programme in collaboration with international experts for people like you, who are ambitious, business-minded and energetic. No matter what your specialty or bachelor’s degree is, if your dream is to be a good leader, this programme is for you.

* The programme has been prepared and submitted to the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education. Studies are planned to commence on September 1st, 2021.

Uniqueness of the programme

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higher salary compared to graduates from other LT universities

Government strategic analysis center, Economics, Finance, Business and Management fields, 2015-2018

2000 €

average salary after tax, 2 years after graduation

ISM alumni survey, 2019


graduates would recommend studies


graduates work in their degree field


lecturers from abroad

1 in 4

owns a business

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General information

Study duration

1 year + Master thesis

Lecture time

Business days, 5:45 PM – 9 PM

Learning language


Master in Business Management


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You will learn from internationally experienced professionals and academics, who will share their strategic leadership and management expertise acquired from all around the world. More than half of the lecturers are from abroad.

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