Global Leadership and Strategy

Start your executive career faster! In this programme you will gain the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to become a strong executive.
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About the program

1 year + 6 months Master thesis
On average, three times a week on weekdays from 18:00 to 21:15
Masters of Business Management

Program benefits

Exclusive focus on developing global leadership and strategic competencies
Learning through practice
Personal coaching sessions
One-on-one mentoring by top executives
After 10 years of working internationally, I am returning to Lithuania with a goal to apply the best global practices to create strong foundations for future leaders. This programme is for pacesetters, problem-solvers and strategic minds, interested in making a difference in the world. It provides applied, hands-on learning experience from the best international lecturers, businesses and leaders.
Prof. dr. Vita Akstinaitė
Global Leadership and Strategy programme director

Program structure

1 semester
2 semester
3 semester

What will I learn?

You will lay a solid foundation in global leadership, immerse themselves in the knowledge of themselves as leaders, and begin to implement personal change to transition from followers to leaders
You will apply the acquired knowledge by learning to lead teams and creating a positive impact on organizations, developing strategic leadership competencies and creating digital transformations in organizations
You will strengthen your skills in project management, working with stakeholders, and begin to take a holistic view of the impact of organizational value on society

What will I learn?

You will further strengthen your leadership skills in finding solutions to complex leadership challenges and will provide a solid foundation in financial management, strategic decision-making, and research experience in international business
You will apply the acquired knowledge in developing a global business project, strengthening entrepreneurial, organizational, critical thinking and creativity skills
You will end the semester by starting to think about the master’s thesis and updating their knowledge of research methodology

What will I learn?

With the help of experts and a master's thesis supervisor, you will integrate the knowledge and skills you have already acquired by conducting a scientific study and contributing its results to the knowledge base within your field of research

What will I learn?

In what areas will I gain expertise after completing this program?

You will gain team leadership skills applicable to any industry
You will develop your personal leadership
You will be able to implement global strategies and organizational transformations
You will gain knowledge of strategic finance and global project management
I had been searching for a master’s program that would meet my needs for a long time, until I finally realized that Global Leadership and Strategy at ISM University was what I needed. This program improved my leadership and management skills a great deal. It was also important to me that I was able to combine studies with work.
Ingvaras Strumyla
Western Union, money laundering prevention expert

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Opportunities to study abroad

Unique opportunity

Study tour to Israel, the Startup Capital

You will get to know the world's most famous companies, large corporations and startups

Visit Israel, otherwise known as the Startup Capital of the World! It is a leading country that nurtures an extremely dynamic startup ecosystem rich in innovation, technology, education and business synergies.


During the study tour:

  • You will learn about the business environment in Israel, meet the top-notch professionals in their field, leaders and startup founders, from whom you will gain exceptional leadership experience, and develop entrepreneurial skills;
  • You will take part in various workshops, events, and company visits, where you will network with managers or representatives of various organisations;
  • You will visit world-know organisations, startups, or accelerators as Microsoft, Google,,, Mindcet EdTech Innovation Center, TechStars Accelerator and venture capital funds, etc.;
  • You will get to know how organisations operate at different business life cycles and discover the fascinating Israeli startup ecosystem.

When it will take place? During the first year of studies, in the autumn semester.


Duration? 6 days


Who can participate? All students from the Global Leadership and Strategy programme. This subject is offered as an elective subject in the programme.


The scope of the subject – 6 ECTS


Studijų turo dalis – an individual project work that would synthezise and apply the knowledge acquired during the study tour.


Cost – 2400 EUR (į kainą įskaičiuota: transportas Izraelyje, viešbutis, maitinimas, dienos ekskursija į Jeruzalę, mokesčiai pranešėjams, įmonėms, į kurias vyksi turo metu).


Important! Organizations and institutions visited are subject to change. The cost of the study tour is subject to change. The study tour will take place in group of at least 15 students.

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Double degree program

Double degree with KEDGE Business School

Study in France, in one of the world's 1 percent of Triple Crown-accredited universities (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB).

How does this work? Selection to KEDGE Business School takes place in the third semester. After passing the selection, students have the opportunity to study at KEDGE Business School in France.


How much does it cost? No additional costs apply


How long does it take? 3 semesters


Is there an accommodation service? KEDGE Business School helps you find accommodation.


How will I benefit from this program? You will receive diplomas from two high schools almost at the same time. You will form an international circle of acquaintances. While studying abroad, you will broaden your horizons and be able to feel comfortable and work efficiently in a multicultural environment.


More about opportunities to study abroad

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Study tour
Double degree program

About the program

Ką išmoksiu studijų metu?

1 year

  • Tobulinami viešųjų ryšių pagrindai
  • Susipažįstama su organizaciniais ir informacijos pateikimo publikai pagrindais
  • Įgyjamos būtinos teorinės žinios

2 year

  • Mokomasi kurti įvairaus pobūdžio vaizdo medžiagą
  • Gilinamos viešųju ryšių žinios
  • Susipažįstama su žiniasklaidos įtaka skaitmeniniam pasauliui

3 year

  • Mokomasi apie organizacijos plėtrą skatinančią prekės ženklo ir vartotojo ryšį
  • Susipažįstama su žmonių tarpusavio santykiais, padedančiais bendruomenėms augti
  • Sužinoma apie darbo santykius komunikacijos srityje, suteikiama galimybė apsilankyti vietinių verslų, valdžios ir žiniasklaidos institucijose

4 year

  • Mokomasi laikytis nustatytų reikalavimų
  • Išmokstama atpažinti propagandą ir manipuliaciją žiniasklaidoje
  • Atliekamas savarankiškas praktinės komunikacijos tyrimas, remiantis komunikacijos teorija

Ką išmoksiu studijų metu


Studentų atsiliepimai
Darbdavių atsiliepimai

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