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Bhashini Pathirana, ISM globalios lyderystes ir strategijos magistras.
I was initially drawn by ISM University’s unique Master’s course offerings. From an international lecfture panel to immersive and practical learning environments, ISM provided an inspiring learining experience that’s on par with the quality of EU educational standerds. With a robust alumni network and a strong reputation, ISM provided an ideal platform to both enhance my education and establish my career here in Vilnius
Bhashini Pathirana
Commercial Insights Analyst at Adform, Sri Lanka

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A brief overview of the study program

While pursuing her Master’s in Global Leadership and Strategy, Bhashini simultaneously holds the role of Business Development Strategist at Gapstars, an IT company in the Netherlands. This unique opportunity enables her to apply the skills acquired directly to her degree program.
1 year + 6 months Master thesis
On average, three times a week on weekdays from 18:00 to 21:15
Masters of Business Management
Testimonial from a Graduate of ISM’s Global Leadership and Strategy Program

Programme benefits

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Exceptional Care and Attention
Exclusive focus on developing global leadership and strategic competencies
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Interactive learning
Visits to local and international companies, games, modeling, self-reflection
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Coaching Sessions
Personal coaching sessions
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Personalized Mentoring
One-on-one mentoring by top executives
Prof. dr. Vita Akstinaitė
Global Leadership and Strategy programme director
After 10 years of working internationally, I am returning to Lithuania with a goal to apply the best global practices to create strong foundations for future leaders. This programme is for pacesetters, problem-solvers and strategic minds, interested in making a difference in the world. It provides applied, hands-on learning experience from the best international lecturers, businesses and leaders.
Prof. dr. Vita Akstinaitė Globalios lyderystės ir strategijos programos direktorė
Eugene Sadler-Smith ir prof. dr. Vita Akstinaite
Global Leadership
This course provides students with a rich understanding of the various leadership models, further enriching their self-reflection and activating their transition from a follower to a leader. Participants learn about different leadership frameworks and reflect on various capabilities, and behaviours that are required to lead in a global environment. Each student in this course has an exceptional opportunity to receive individualised mentorship by a senior, more experienced leader and gain awareness of their global leadership capabilities through constructive reflection.
Eugene Sadler-Smith ir prof. dr. Vita Akstinaite, ISM magistro studijos
People and Organisations
Katia Lysionak
Our course places a strong emphasis on the immediate application of essential organizational theoretical concepts in real-life scenarios. By employing coaching and experiential learning methods, we empower students to become more effective and self-assured leaders within their respective domains. Furthermore, our curriculum is carefully crafted to offer students the most current research findings on individuals, teams, and leadership within the context of organizations.
Katia Lysionak, ISM magistro studijos
Joe McMahon
Leadership Skill Development
In today's fast-paced world, leaders must possess the skills to enable them to deal with volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environments. This course is designed to provide students with the crucial skills and capabilities required to perform individually and as a team and achieve organisational goals. This course equips students with the practical skills, tools, and knowledge required to succeed as a global leader.
Joe McMahon, ISM magistro studijos
Prof. dr. Vita Akstinaitė Globalios lyderystės ir strategijos programos direktorėEugene Sadler-Smith ir prof. dr. Vita Akstinaite, ISM magistro studijosKatia Lysionak, ISM magistro studijosJoe McMahon, ISM magistro studijos
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Program structure


What will I learn?

You will lay a solid foundation in global leadership, immerse themselves in the knowledge of themselves as leaders, and begin to implement personal change to transition from followers to leaders
You will apply the acquired knowledge by learning to lead teams and creating a positive impact on organizations, developing strategic leadership competencies and creating digital transformations in organizations
You will strengthen your skills in project management, working with stakeholders, and begin to take a holistic view of the impact of organizational value on society

What will I learn?

You will further strengthen your leadership skills in finding solutions to complex leadership challenges and will provide a solid foundation in financial management, strategic decision-making, and research experience in international business
You will apply the acquired knowledge in developing a global business project, strengthening entrepreneurial, organizational, critical thinking and creativity skills
You will end the semester by starting to think about the master’s thesis and updating their knowledge of research methodology

What will I learn?

With the help of experts and a master's thesis supervisor, you will integrate the knowledge and skills you have already acquired by conducting a scientific study and contributing its results to the knowledge base within your field of research
Skills you’ll learn

In what areas will I gain expertise after completing this program?

You will gain team leadership skills applicable to any industry

You will develop your personal leadership

You will be able to implement global strategies and organizational transformations

You will gain knowledge of strategic finance and global project management

Ingvaras Strumyla, ISM Globalios lyderystes ir strategijos magistras
Studying at ISM is not merely about obtaining a diploma; it entails so much more. It involves staying up-to-date with current knowledge, keeping pace with the present, and, most importantly, being a part of an incredibly unique community.
Ingvaras Strumyla-Dunaitis
Head of KYC at
Price, financing, and admissions

Studies at ISM – accessible to everyone


  • 3900
    Standard semester price
  • 2730
    Semester price for ISM graduates
  • 3315
    The semester fee for ISM corporate sponsor employees
  • 1755
    Semester price with state scholarship

Financing opportunities


At ISM University of Management and Economics, you can apply for studies three times a year during the preliminary, main, and supplementary admissions.
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Opportunities to study abroad

Studiju turas i Israeli
Study tour

Study tour to Israel, the Startup Capital

You will get to know the world’s most famous companies, large corporations and startups
ISM verslo vadybos ir rinkodaros bakalauro dvigubas diplomas KEDGE.
Double degree program

Double degree with KEDGE Business School

Study in France, in one of the world’s 1 percent of Triple Crown-accredited universities (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB).
Global exchange abroad
Student exchange

Global exchange

More than 100 exchange partners in almost 50 countries around the world

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