ISM Fund

The goal of the ISM Fund is to support young people and encourage them to study at ISM University, regardless of their financial status, and to develop philanthropic traditions within the university community.
Contribute to the fund

Contribute to the ISM Fund

We are extremely grateful to the volunteers of the ISM Foundation, who help organize support events and leave a bright mark in creating a tradition of philanthropy in the ISM community.

The ISM Foundation was established in 2011. The founder of the ISM Foundation is the ISM University of Management and Economics. The accounting of the ISM Fund is carried out by the independent company BNM Finance.

You can contribute to the fund by bank transfer or contact us about the possibility of contributing through Paysera.

ISM Fund details: ISM Fondas, Public Organization code: 301818722, Account code: LT04 7044 0600 0648 7095 AB SEB bankas, Bank code: 70440 Adress: Arklių g. 18, Vilnius LT-01305, room 405, Phone: 8 698 55 617, E-mail
Annual Report of the Beneficiery: 2019/2020
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