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ISM Fund activities

The goal of the ISM Fund is to support young people and encourage them to study at ISM University, regardless of their financial status, and to develop philanthropic traditions within the university community.

Excellent 100 Scholarship

Since 2011, the public institution ISM Foundation has been running the ISM 100 Talents scholarship program, which aims to promote the integration of business and the academic world and to enable a larger number of young people who graduated with the highest marks to receive the highest quality education in Lithuania for free. When evaluating schoolchildren’s applications, not only grades and exam results are evaluated, but also young people’s motivation and social activities. A limited number of these scholarships are established each year.

By allocating funds for the implementation of this project, companies not only help to stop brain drain abroad, but also gain the opportunity to establish mutually beneficial relationships with students – by getting to know the students, they can invite them to do internships or to take up permanent positions after completing their studies.

  • in 2011 ISM 100 Talent Scholarships were launched
  • 427 extremely talented young people were given the opportunity to study for free
  • 15% of scholarships are established by patrons, the rest by ISM University

Grand patron:

Other patrons:

ISM Need Based Scholarship

Thanks to these scholarships, selected socially active young people who dreamed of studying at ISM, but their parents or guardians could not give them such an opportunity, study at ISM University.

Since 2013, thanks to the involvement of alumni, patrons and the entire ISM community, as many as 21 young people have been given the opportunity to study in their dream programs for free.

Funds for social scholarships are donated on the occasion of graduation, alumni support events, allocating 1.2 percent. GPM and without waiting for a separate occasion. After all, providing a better future for young people is a valuable opportunity in itself.

ISM social-incentive scholarships are awarded to those applying for bachelor’s studies during pre-admission, after evaluating the candidate’s educational results, activity in social activities and the family’s financial capabilities. Selection criteria:

  • family income does not exceed 1 minimum monthly salary per family member;
  • at the time of ISM pre-admission, the grade point average is at least 7.

The scholarship is awarded for the entire study period and covers the entire tuition fee.

1.2 percent PIT support

We invite you to allocate 1.2 percent. personal income tax support to the ISM Fund. All funds collected will be allocated to social-promotional scholarships, which help gifted young people to study at ISM University for free, when their parents or guardians cannot provide such an opportunity. You can donate until May 1.

The ISM Foundation started to establish social-incentive scholarships in 2013, and as many as 21 young people have already been given the opportunity to study in the program of their dreams for free. Every year at least 10 candidates apply for this scholarship, so every euro you donate contributes to the fulfillment of another big dream.

Instructions on how to allocate 1.2% support.

1.2 percent You can allocate GPM support until 2023. May 1st Requests to transfer a portion of income tax are submitted electronically through the Electronic Declaration System (EDS).

  • After logging in to the declaration system, press “Fill the form”. Then select the “Request for support” form. Select “Request for transfer of income tax share to beneficiaries and/or political parties. Version 2019-05-07.”

  • Click on “Form for electronic filling” (that is, click on the globe icon).
  • In the “Beneficiary search” field, enter “Public institution ISM fund” or legal entity code
  • Specify 1.2 percent. in the field “Amount of tax share (percentage)” and form and submit a request.

Contribute to the ISM Fund

We are extremely grateful to you for your support to the ISM Foundation, which helps develop Lithuanian talents and contributes to strengthening the traditions of philanthropy.

The ISM Foundation was established in 2011. The founder of the ISM Foundation is the ISM University of Management and Economics. The accounting of the ISM Fund is carried out by the independent company BNM Finance.

You can contribute to the fund by bank transfer or contact us about the possibility of contributing through Paysera.

ISM Fund details: ISM Fundas, VšĮ Company code 301818722 A/s LT04 7044 0600 0648 7095 AB SEB bankas, b/k 70440 Head office address: Gedimino pr. 7, LT-01103 Vilnius, Tel. 868529187 Email e-mail

Inspiring stories

A student of the industrial technology management program
Studying at ISM gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons, find my dream job and learn company management skills. I am grateful for the opportunity to get the best management education in Lithuania. I can successfully integrate into the labor market and create value for both companies and my home country.
Gabrielė Pauliukaitė
I already knew that I would study at the ISM University of Management and Economics when I was sixteen. There was only one question left unanswered – finances. Thanks to the focus of the community, I had the opportunity to study undergraduate studies at this university. I am currently pursuing my master’s studies at Copenhagen Business School and I can safely say that studying at ISM University was a big leap in my path to starting a career in IT technology.
Patricija Aurylaitė
Student of the international business and communication program
ISM University, and especially its community, has a very special place in my heart, and for that I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to meet these people, feel at home at the university and learn from the best.
Greta Jarmalavičiūtė
Student of the international business and communication program
I am glad that thanks to you I can pursue higher education, prove myself that I am living the best time. If the current state should be described in a few words: “My eyes are shining, I feel in my place and I am very grateful to the people who help me realize my dream – to study at ISM University.”