Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Are you looking for a programme that combines creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation? Here it is! This is a new generation programme for those, who are not afraid to break the rules. It is founded upon the principle of “learning by doing”, so the 3 year study programme is largely based on an individual business project. Here you will experiment and learn through business simulations, you will closely explore with the world of technology and test your strengths in various roles of business creation. Here you will apply creativity and critical thinking in developing business models and plans, and marketing strategies. Apply during early admission (until April 31st) and enrol at an international university before your exams. Places in the programme are allocated based on a special selection process.

After graduation you will be able answer these questions:

How to use innovative technologies to solve consumer problems? How to set up sustainable startups?

Businesses and startups

How to identify market opportunities? How to analyse the processes of existing companies and contribute to their digitisation? How to create a new generation of “intelligent enterprises”?

Technology companies:

How to make decisions based on the use of AI and other state-of-the-art technologies? How to address the challenges of public sector digitisation?

Government institutions, GovTech

How to adapt the next generation of artificial intelligence solutions?

Banks and Fintech

The graduates of this programme will be able to create their own startups or hold strong positions in technology companies

This programme offers various unique opportunities


International business mentorship programme abroad!

You will gain international business experience

Learn to communicate effectively in other markets and make decisions

You will receive financial support

Learn from international business experts

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How will you learn?

This new generation study programme is based on the “flip classroom” method, whereby students learn and gain experience in an ongoing business project and during the lecturers, which helps to consolidate their knowledge and seek answers to questions raised during the ongoing business project.

“Problem solving” is used during the lectures, in the form of discussions, as means of finding common solutions, experimentating, reflecting and gaining feedback from students and business representatives.

The programme will use “Design thinking” methods and interactive visual collaboration tools to develop creativity and innovative thinking.

This is the first study programme of this kind in Lithuania.

General information


3 years

Study language


Bachelor of Business Management


on average higher salary compared to graduates of other LT universities

Data: Lithuanian Government Strategic analysis center, graduates of  economy, finance and management, 2017

1800 €

average salary after tax 2-3 years after graduation

Survey of ISM graduates 2019


graduates would recommend studies at ISM to friends or family


graduates are employed in their degree field


lecturers from abroad

Every 3rd

owns a business


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Eigirdas Žemaitis
Associate Professor

Jonathan Boyd
Assoc. Prof. Dr.
University of St. Andrews

Tom Hashimoto

Vincentas Vobolevičius
Associate Professor

Dmitrij Katkov

Monika Mačiulienė

Dominyka Venciūtė

Alfredas Chmieliauskas
Associate professor 

Financial help

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Exchange and double degree programmes at over 100 universities, one-third of which have at least one of prestigious business university accreditations (AACSB, EQUIS, or AMBA)

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After graduation, you will be able to

Explain the importance and necessity of the use of technology in solving consumer problems, modeling the processes of the new generation of companies


Improve business processes by digitising activities


Apply the latest knowledge of technology application in solving relevant social, economic and environmental problems of consumers


Predict economic scenarios, anticipate the economic consequences of decisions made in companies and organizations, and forecast potential changes in demand and supply.


To predict the impact of new exponential technologies and trends on the creation of new business, company decisions


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