Economics and Data Analytics

Students of the programme learn to understand and analyse economic processes at all levels – from user behavior to global economic trends.
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About the program

Lithuanian and English
3 years + 6 months bachelor thesis
Bachelor of Social Sciences
210 ECTS

Program benefits

Learn the fundamentals in one of the most relevant areas of business
Knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence
Visit to Brussels, various EU institutions
Possibility of a double diploma with BI Norwegian Business School
Lecturers at ISM University share a common goal – to create value for students. Sincere collaboration and lecturers support create a special environment that encourages improvement. ISM University is also represented by exceptional students, who have their own attitude towards the world, who you not only teach but can also learn from.
Prof. dr. Tadas Šarapovas
Head of Economics and Data Analytics programme. In his lectures Tadas weaves together theory and practice which he gained in consulting international companies

Opportunities to study abroad

Unique opportunity

Study tour to Brussels

It's a unique opportunity to get to know EU economists in Brussels!
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Double degree program

Double degree with BI Norwegian Business School

Study in Norway, in one of the world's 1 percent of Triple Crown-accredited universities (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB).
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Student exchange

100+ university exchange partners worldwide

One third of which have at least one prestigious business university accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA)
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Study tour
Double degree program

Program structure

1 year
2 year
3 year
4 year

What will I learn?

You will learn what economy is and what you can achieve by analyzing the data correctly.
Both ISM lecturers and guest lecturers will introduce you to the essential theory
You will analyze real companies and real problems.

What will I learn?

You will study the basics of programming relevant to data analytics
You will deepen your knowledge of economics even more.
You will learn to use econometrics to achieve your goals.
You will carry out projects in which you will be able to use the data analysis and research knowledge you have already acquired

What will I learn?

You will learn what machine training is and what you can do with it.
You will understand what artificial intelligence really is, where it is applied and where it can already be used.
You’ll delve deeper into doing your most in the dominant field and I can do everything you can to test your practicality

What will I learn?

You will be able to use all the knowledge gained during your studies and internship in writing a bachelor's thesis to solve a real problem in a real company
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What kind of career can I pursue after finishing this program?

Data Analyst
Financial Analyst
Risk Assessor
IT Project Manager
Business Project Manager
Studies in economics and analytics have led me to a dynamic job at a start-up. Besides, I gained knowledge in the fields of business development, communication, public speaking and analytics. I use my skills in my daily work, when I need to develop strategies, perform advertising and competitor analysis, distribute budgets and present new ideas to important customers. I am glad that the ISM studies were conducted in English, as this facilitates my work with both colleagues and partners from abroad.
Debora Kubeckaitė
PVcase social network manager

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Start the best economics and business studies in Lithuania! ("Reitingai", 2021)

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