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1 year + 6 months Master thesis
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Masters of Business Management

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A Profound Understanding of Sustainability
Comprehensive knowledge of sustainability through ESG levels (environmental, social, governance)
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Assessing Organizational Impact
Environmental impact assessment of an organization in all the sustainability dimensions (ESG)
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Based on my experience working for various international (UNDP, OECD, World Bank, EU Commision), national organisations and projects, I am more and more convinced that there is no healthy society without healthy business and vice versa. Having this in mind, the programme was designed to provide students with a strong foundation in sustainability. I believe that it is possible to increase business value and have a positive environmental and social impact at the same time. During this programme, the students will learn from best international and national lecturers and practitioners, will develop skills allowing them to assess and oversee many diverse ESG practices within companies and become experts of sustainability.
After agreeing on why to act for sustainability, businesses must understand how. In this course, students learn to reassess traditional strategies, question linear business model fundamentals, and turn sustainability challenges into specific market opportunities. While conceptually rigorous, the course aims to be solutions-driven, providing both academically sound and practically applicable insights. Using cases, industry speakers, short quizzes, and a group project, it challenges incrementalism (merely “repainting the old house”) in sustainability management.
The Green Economics and Corporate Sustainability course melds ecologically-conscious economic principles with modern business ethics. Students learn how sustainable economies uplift society, while also understanding the broader roles corporations play in addressing environmental, social, and governance challenges. This course offers a distinctive approach to balance business prosperity with global responsibility.
The course aims at raising awareness and enabling future entrepreneurs and leaders to see the unique obstacles and challenges of business as opportunities. Business competences of dealing with its stakeholders, sensitivity to its ecosystem and abilities to address creatively existing challenges might inspire sustainable business practices and enable it to identify sources of competitiveness. In discussing changing roles of and opportunities for business, framework of creating shared value (CSV) is applied: policies and practices that enhance the competitive advantage and profitability of a company while simultaneously addressing societal needs and challenges.
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You will be able to develop and implement sustainability strategies
You will be able to critically evaluate sustainability practices in value chains
You will acquire competencies for the development, analysis and monitoring of a set of appropriate sustainability indicators in all the dimensions of the ESG
You will gain competencies to coordinate organizational sustainability initiatives locally and internationally
Empowerment, innovation and philosophy – this is what sustainability is to a business. However, sustainability is often misunderstood to be a reporting and compliance exercise. Professionals need to embrace systems thinking and have a holistic approach to a forward-thinking business to understand the difference. I’m excited to see the new ISM programme is dedicated to growing leaders who shall have the capacity to make a business a positive catalyst for change.
Greta Monstavičė
CEO and Co-founder at Katalista Ventures. Member of ISM ESG Council
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