Innovation and Technology Management

Ready for a career boost or transition? Reinvent yourself as a team manager with this unique programme! Prepared in partnership with Illinois Institute of Technology, it offers managerial skillset for specialists who do not have business background. It will give you competence to distinguish yourself from others and make positive changes in the world by driving innovation and sustainable business initiatives.


higher salary compared to graduates from other LT universities

Government strategic analysis center, Economics, Finance, Business and Management fields, 2015-2018

2000 €

average salary after tax, 2 years after graduation

ISM alumni survey, 2019


graduates would recommend studies


graduates work in their degree field


lecturers from abroad

1 in 4

owns a business

Apply until the 12th of August!

ISM alumni work at these national and international companies

General information

Study duration

1 year + Master thesis

Lecture time

Fridays (12:30-8 PM) & Saturdays (9 AM-4:30 PM)

Learning language


MSc in Management

Optional programme part: Illinois Institute of Technology

Study duration

1 year

Teachning mode

Online or at Illinois Institute of technology


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You will learn from academics from all around the globe – USA, Japan, Denmark, Norway, who will share their valuable knowledge and best international practices.

Benas Adomavičius

Alfredas Chmieliauskas
Associate professor 

Gurram Gopal
Illinois Institute of Technology

Stig Irving Olsen
Associate Professor
Technical University of Denmark

Asta Klimavičienė
Associate Professor

Jason Li-Ying
Associate Professor
Technical University of Denmark

Jan Vanthienen
KU Leuven University

Unique opportunity

Study tour to Japan (6 ETCS credits)

10 day visit in the Capital of Innovation

You will visit Toyota, Fuji and other companies

Nagoya University Of Commerce and Business

Tuition fees

Semester fee

3300 €

Semester fee for ISM graduates

2310 €

Semester fee for employees of ISM social partners

2805 €

Semester fee for the best applicants

2210 €

Financial support

One-time scholarships to high achievers

Covering 30% of tuition fee

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