Innovation and Technology Management

Reinvent yourself as a team manager with this unique programme! You will obtain a managerial skillset necessary to distinguish yourself from others and make positive changes in the world by driving innovation and sustainable business initiatives.
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About the program

1 year + 6 months Master thesis
Fridays (12:30-8 PM) & Saturdays (9 AM-4:30 PM)
Masters of Business Management

Program benefits

Perfectly balanced irreplaceable knowledge of management and innovation management
Thanks to the program, you will rediscover yourself as an innovative project, product, process or team manager
The program has been developed in collaboration with experts from prestigious universities in the USA, Belgium, Japan and Denmark
A combination of innovation, technology and management knowledge to implement sustainable business strategies
By collaborating with leading innovative companies and world-known universities we offer today’s graduates a future-oriented education. Students of this programme can choose an elective course, during which they travel to Nagoya University of Commerce & Business (NUCB) and visit major international companies such as Mitsubishi Aircraft, Brother, Toyota, etc.
Vida Škudienė
Innovation and Technology Management programme director

Program structure

1 semester
2 semester
3 semester

What will I learn?

You will gain an understanding of the business environment, learn about how people and innovation interact, how to address human resource issues unconventionally to create an innovative organization
You will delve into the principles of business strategy development and management, and manage businesses in a competitive environment
You will continue to lay a solid foundation in corporate finance, investment and financial decision-making
You will delve into the intricacies of evolving new technologies, artificial intelligence and their application
You will analyze the organizational capability to innovate and provide recommendations from an AI perspective

What will I learn?

You will seek expertise in strategically managing innovation projects and increasing the maturity of project management
You will delve into how to improve and innovate business operations and processes, immerse yourself in the subtleties of developing new products and get acquainted with their development methodologies
You will combine and apply the knowledge gained during your studies to learn to manage innovation and technology
You will focus on developing data analytics skills and research methodology

What will I learn?

With the help of experts and a master's thesis supervisor, you will integrate the knowledge and skills you have already acquired by conducting a scientific study and contributing its results to the knowledge base within your field of research

What will I learn?

In what areas will I gain expertise after completing this program?

You will gain the skills needed to manage projects and processes
You will strengthen your team leadership skills
You will gain the skills needed to manage projects and processes
You will be able to develop and implement sustainability strategies
You will gain the knowledge needed to implement innovative technological solutions in organizations
I chose this program because of its versatility, and because it develops the ability to look at things in new and visionary ways. The subjects of strategic planning, new product development and organizational behavior were precisely those subjects where the knowledge gained could be used and tested immediately at work. I have no doubt that the ability to think critically, seeing new opportunities and risks developed during the entire program will be useful in the future as well
Giedrė Šėmytė
Director of Women Go Tech

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Price, financing, and admissions

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Opportunities to study abroad

Unique opportunity

Study tour to Japan

Visit the innovation capital and get to know cutting-edge companies

During the study tour:

  • You will visit such companies as "Toyota", "Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation", "Alpen" or "Brother"
  • Meet the leaders of the largest innovation companies, who will share their many years of experience, unique insights, secrets of innovation and technology management
  • Participate in design thinking seminars and workshops at Nagoya University of Commerce and Management (NUCB), a partner university of ISM


When it will take place? In the second year of study, during the autumn semester.


Duration? 10 days


Who can participate? All students in the Innovation and Technology Management programme.


The scope of the subject – 6 ECTS


This subject will be offered as an optional subject in the programme. From this material, students will have to take an exam (the exam will make up 30% of the final grade) and prepare a written paper two weeks after returning from Japan (the task will make up 70% of the final grade)


Cost - 2500 Eur (including flight costs, transport costs, accommodation, meals).


Important! The organizations and institutions visited may still change. The price of the study tour may still change. Tours will be held in groups of 10 students. Visits will be organized if the pandemic situation allows.

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Double degree program

Double degree with Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Gain knowledge from even two prestigious universities at the same time

How does this work?

Study in Lithuania for a year and a half and take the remaining subjects remotely at the Illinois Institute of Technology in the USA. It can additionally take half a year or a year to complete the subjects.


How much does it cost?

ISM studies are paid as usual, Illinois Institute of Technology fees are also paid separately for subjects, but a discount of up to 50% is applied to the published tuition fee for that year.


How long does it take?

2 years

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Study tour
Double degree program

About the program

Ką išmoksiu studijų metu?

1 year

  • Tobulinami viešųjų ryšių pagrindai
  • Susipažįstama su organizaciniais ir informacijos pateikimo publikai pagrindais
  • Įgyjamos būtinos teorinės žinios

2 year

  • Mokomasi kurti įvairaus pobūdžio vaizdo medžiagą
  • Gilinamos viešųju ryšių žinios
  • Susipažįstama su žiniasklaidos įtaka skaitmeniniam pasauliui

3 year

  • Mokomasi apie organizacijos plėtrą skatinančią prekės ženklo ir vartotojo ryšį
  • Susipažįstama su žmonių tarpusavio santykiais, padedančiais bendruomenėms augti
  • Sužinoma apie darbo santykius komunikacijos srityje, suteikiama galimybė apsilankyti vietinių verslų, valdžios ir žiniasklaidos institucijose

4 year

  • Mokomasi laikytis nustatytų reikalavimų
  • Išmokstama atpažinti propagandą ir manipuliaciją žiniasklaidoje
  • Atliekamas savarankiškas praktinės komunikacijos tyrimas, remiantis komunikacijos teorija

Ką išmoksiu studijų metu


Studentų atsiliepimai
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