Financial Economics

Become a sought-after financial expert. Learn to apply the methods of mathematical statistics and econometric models to the analysis of corporate finance, financial markets and institutions. The program is recognized by international FIBAA accreditation.

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Monika Laukaite. ISM, Finansu ekonomikos magistro studijos.
If you put effort into studying at ISM University, you will benefit significantly, as ISM reflects modern employers’ needs and offers strong study programmes.
Monika Laukaitė Country Manager
Master’s programme

A brief overview of the study program

Discover how the Financial Economics program contributed to Hov’s appointment as Head of the Training Team for Financial Crime Prevention at Danske Bank.
1 year + 6 months Master thesis
On average, three times a week on weekdays from 18:00 to 21:15
Master of Social Sciences
120 ECTS
Feedback from ISM Innovation and Technology Management Master’s Graduate

Programme benefits

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An Exceptional Team of Scholars and Industry Experts
An exceptional team of academics-practitioners who will pass on best practice from Oxford and Harvard Universities
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A Program with a Well-Balanced Curriculum
An extremely well-balanced program for learning about finance from a micro- and macro-economic perspective
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Knowledge that you can put into practice
Studies will help you make financial decisions at the operational level. You will use the international Bloomberg terminal for financial analysis.
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FIBAA accreditation
The only Master’s program in Lithuania recognized by international FIBAA accreditation
Pijus Krūminas
Financial Economics Programme director
My job is to bring together different kinds of lecturers- practicioners, academics from all around the world. I want to open the door of world-wide experiences to Master students, introduce them to global practice and broaden their horizons.
Pijus Kruminas, ISM Universitetas, bakalauro studijos, Ekonomika ir Politika.
Dr. Nerijus Mačiulis
Advanced Macroeconomics
This is applied course in macroeconomics, which focuses on contemporary issues and developments in global economy. The main aim of this course is to learn how to identify and analyse myriad factors affecting economic activity in both short and long term. Another important dimension of this course is the analysis of the reflexive relationship between macroeconomic developments, economic policy (both fiscal and monetary) and financial markets (asset prices).
Maciulis Nerijus, ISM finansu ekonomikos magistras.
Aleksandr Christenko
Research Methods (GRAL010)
The Research Methodology course offers an advanced curriculum aimed at equipping students with a diverse range of research methods. These encompass classical approaches like statistical testing, regression analysis, and forecasting, as well as more advanced methodologies such as ARCH, GARCH, counterfactual analysis, and survival analysis. Furthermore, students are introduced to the dynamic realms of data mining and machine learning, gaining proficiency in supervised and unsupervised learning techniques, including classification, clustering, dimension reduction, and text mining. As a result, graduates of this course are well-prepared to engage in research endeavours, both in academic and business settings, employing a rich toolbox of classical and cutting-edge research methods.
Aleksandr Christenko, ISM, finansu ir ekonomikos magistras.
Dr. Saite Lu
Economics of Sustainability
The Economics of sustainability is exceptional due to its interdisciplinary nature and real-world relevance. It equips students with a holistic understanding of sustainable development by integrating economics, environmental science, and social sciences. This module emphasizes long-term value creation, major theoretical models, empirical challenges, and potential solutions. It also opens up opportunities for a career in sustainable finance. By bridging the gap between finance and sustainability, students learn to incorporate sustainability issues and concerns into their daily work, making it a unique and valuable component of their education.
Aleksandr Christenko, ISM, finansu ir ekonomikos magistras.
Pijus Kruminas, ISM Universitetas, bakalauro studijos, Ekonomika ir Politika.Maciulis Nerijus, ISM finansu ekonomikos magistras.Aleksandr Christenko, ISM, finansu ir ekonomikos magistras.Aleksandr Christenko, ISM, finansu ir ekonomikos magistras.
Your studies

Program structure


What will I learn?

You will combine advanced methodological fundamentals with mathematical finance and financial econometrics with a deep understanding of developments in the field
You will focus on corporate finance, asset pricing, and sustainability

What will I learn?

You will acquire the skills for carrying out independent research in financial economics and ethics of practice
You will acquire theoretical and practical skills in econometrics, valuation application, alternative investments and derivatives

What will I learn?

You will explore modeling and applying various approaches such as game theory and system dynamics in the context of monetary policy
You will understand financial intermediation and risk management techniques
You will develop your research idea and learn how research should be structured

What will I learn?

With the help of experts and a master's thesis supervisor, you will integrate the knowledge and skills you have already acquired by conducting a scientific study and contributing its results to the knowledge base within your field of research
Skills you’ll learn

In what areas will I gain expertise after completing this program?

You will gain strong analytical skills in corporate finance, financial markets, and financial engineering

You will acquire economic and financial modeling skills

You will be able to financially and economically justify the policy decisions and the chosen business models proposed to organizations or governments

You will gain experience in risk and portfolio management

Vytenis Simkus, ISM, finansu ir ekonomikos magistras.
During my undergraduate studies, I used the help of the career center to find my first internships, thanks to which I started my career in finance and macroeconomics, while my master’s studies expanded the knowledge needed to analyze macroeconomics and set me on the path to further research. The overall flexibility and adaptability of ISM studies to a working person’s schedule made life a lot easier.
Vytenis Šimkus
Swedbank Senior Economist
Price, financing, and admissions

Studies at ISM – accessible to everyone


  • 2925
    Standard semester price
  • 2047.5
    Semester price for ISM graduates
  • 2486.25
    The semester fee for ISM corporate sponsor employees
  • 1316.25
    Semester price with state scholarship

Financing opportunities

Opportunities to study abroad

ISM, Finansu bakalauras, Studiju turas i Londona.
Study tour

Study tour to the world’s largest financial center – London!

You will visit such financial institutions and organizations as Moody’s, London Stock Exchange, The Bank of England, CFA Institute*
ISM Universitetas, Bakalauro studijos. Dvigubas diplomas su BI Norwegian Business School.
Double degree program

Double degree with BI Norwegian Business School

Study in Norway, in one of the world’s 1 percent of Triple Crown-accredited universities (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB).
Global exchange abroad
Student exchange

Global exchange

More than 100 exchange partners in almost 50 countries around the world

News and events

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