Economics and Politics

This programme erases the traditional boundaries between the disparate fields of economics, political science, and business. Professors from world-renowned universities in the United States and Europe will help you understand how these different topics influence each other. You will learn the proper application of game theory and be able to perform the critical analysis required to evaluate global events. Through this program, you will develop forecasting skills that will let you assess ongoing trends and identify their potential consequences for a business or national economy. The program will provide you with the professional competence you need to become a business analyst, manager, or an academic, both in European and global political-economic organizations.

Graduates of this program often choose to pursue a master’s degree at a prestigious universities around the world, such as Oxford, Harvard or London School of Economics.

After graduation you will be able to answer these questions:

Should Lithuania open new embassies in African countries? If so, where and why?

Government institutions

What competencies do Lithuanian schools lack to easily integrate returning expatriate children? How much will it cost to implement such competencies?

Consulting firms

How to obtain reliable information on gross capital formation in Turkmenistan and use this information to develop a comparative ranking for all countries?

International organizations

Does the introduction of a socialist welfare state model weaken communities’ resilience to external shocks?

Academic career

ISM alumni work at these national and international companies

Executives of the largest international companies operating in Lithuania say ISM University provides highest quality education.

2019 Quarterly Lithuanian Investor Confidence Index Survey

Photography of Brussels European Parliament in Belgium

Meet the EU institutions in Brussels!

During the visit:

You will visit the European Parliament

Get acquainted with EU politicians

Participate in discussions on relevant political / economic topics

See how work looks like in the EU institutions

Visits will be arranged if the pandemic situation allows.

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General information


3 years + bachelor thesis

Study language


Bachelor of Social Sciences

Additional opportunity – double degree at BI Norwegian Business School, which is among 1% of Business Schools in the world to hold the Triple Crown accreditations (AMBA, EQUIS & AACSB)

Study form

Spend part of the course in Lithuania and in Norway

Partner university


on average higher salary compared to graduates of other LT universities

Data: Lithuanian Government Strategic analysis center, graduates of  economy, finance and management, 2017

1800 €

average salary after tax 2-3 years after graduation

Survey of ISM graduates, 2019


graduates would recommend studies at ISM to friends or family


graduates are employed in their degree field


lecturers from abroad

Every 3rd

owns a business


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Jonathan Boyd
Assoc. Prof. Dr.
University of St. Andrews

Tom Hashimoto

Maik Huettinger

Pijus Krūminas
Associate Professor

Irmina Matonytė

Virginija Poškutė
Assoc. prof. dr.
Tilburg University

Tadas Šarapovas

Vincentas Vobolevičius
Associate Professor

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Get the world-class education you deserve

Exchange and double degree programmes at over 100 universities, one-third of which have at least one of prestigious business university accreditations (AACSB, EQUIS, or AMBA)

Liliana Karpovičiūtė, Slovenia

For those of you who are still considering the possibility of studying abroad, I would say – don’t hesitate! Go for the sake of new experiences, challenges, adventures, new friends, something you’ve never experienced before.

After graduation you will be able to:

Explain what is analytical thinking and its relation to subjective opinion


Predict which companies will receive government support during the crisis and which will not


Improve constituency formation principles to reduce voter bribery


Apply formal modeling and econometrics tools


Develop your competences in the best universities in the world


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