Economics and Politics

This programme erases the traditional boundaries between the disparate fields of economics, political science, and business.
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"Studies at ISM provide many development opportunities: not only by listening to the lectures but also by participating in politics and debate clubs as well as international events."
Paulius Rauba
ISM and Oxford Universities alumnus, Cambridge University Ph.D. student. He completed his studies at ISM free of charge, having received a "100 talents" scholarship

About the program

3 years + 6 months bachelor thesis
Bachelor of Social Sciences
210 ECTS

Program benefits

A unique program in Lithuania that combines economics and politics
The program is developed on the basis of game theory based on the New York University experience
Innovative learning methods: domestic and foreign policy simulations (wargaming), strategy modeling and others
The program is recognized by international FIBAA accreditation
At ISM I am surrounded by curious, positive students and dedicated, professional lecturers.
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vincentas Vobolevičius
Head of Economics and Politics programme. Ph.D. in International Political Economy from New York University

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Opportunities to study abroad

Unique opportunity

Study tour to Brussels

It's a unique opportunity to get to know EU institutions!
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Double degree program

Double degree with BI Norwegian Business School

Study in Norway, in one of the world's 1 percent of Triple Crown-accredited universities (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB).
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Student exchange

100+ university exchange partners worldwide

One third of which have at least one prestigious business university accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA)
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Study tour
Double degree program

Enroll in the best Economics, Management, and Finance studies in Lithuania! ("Reitingai", 2023)

Program structure

1 year
2 year
3 year
4 year

What will I learn?

You will learn to verify economic and political statements using regression data analysis for different types of data
You will also acquire the basics of finance - from the ability to analyze financial statements to understanding the parts of the financial system and their functions
You will learn what drives cross-border processes: war, terrorism, trade, international organizations and movements

What will I learn?

You will study how businesses work
You will learn how to choose the right business model for your business, identify ways to assess the quality of results, create value for the customer, optimize costs, and manage risk.
You will find out how political institutions and the decisions they make determine the “engines” of economic growth, both theoretically and from a historical perspective

What will I learn?

You will learn to apply the acquired knowledge in practice during internship in public or private companies or non-governmental organizations
You will expand your network of professional relations and, if you don’t already have one, you’ll likely get job offers. You will be able to use all the knowledge gained during your studies and internship in writing a bachelor's thesis to solve a real problem in a real company
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What kind of career can I pursue after finishing this program?

International relations specialist
Project manager at EU institutions
Board consultant
In my current job, I often use the intercultural communication skills acquired at the university, I also apply strategic thinking in developing a new refugee integration policy in Lithuania. Last year's course in Migration Economics and Politics has definitely paid off: it crystalized all my core values ​​on migration. I also find the knowledge of economics extremely helpful in many areas of my work.
Vilija Milčiūtė
Coordinator for the Integration of Maltese Refugees

Early admission ends in:

Start the best economics, management and finance studies in Lithuania! ("Reitingai", 2023)

Šešėliavimo diena ISM!

ISM tau suteikia išskirtinę galimybę „pasimatuoti“ vienos dienos studento gyvenimą! Užsiregistruok žemiau esančioje formoje ir patirk, ką reiškia būti siekiančių daugiau bendruomenėje.

Galėsi susipažinti su ISM studentais, dėstytojais, pamatyti kaip vyksta paskaitos ir užklasinės veiklos, patyrinėti auditorijas, bendradarbystės erdves, biblioteką. Taip pat sužinosi apie siūlomas programas bei visą stojimo procesą paprastai.

Ateik ir pajusk visą ISM magiją!

Changed your mind? Change the study program after a year!

Suprantame, kad 12 klasėje nuspręsti, kuo būti – sudėtinga. Todėl ISM sudaro galimybę savo studentams lengvai pakeisti studijų programą po vienerių metų. Sužinok daugiau – registruokis į studijų konsultaciją arba užduok klausimą žinute.

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