This programme equips future financial experts with skills that will respond to technological changes and global market trends. During your studies, you will analyze red-hot corporate scandals and other major financial incidents that affect companies. You will learn how to gather market data and apply the latest economic and investment theory, all of which will be necessary for your work.

Upon graduation you will be a desirable expert who understands the language of international and corporate finance.

After graduation you will be able to answer these questions:

How to evaluate the impact of taxation changes on the economy?

Public finance institutions

How to evaluate the impact of managerial decisions on the financial results and the value of a company?

Business companies and corporations

How to analyze the financial position of a company and to evaluate its financial strengths and weaknesses?

Audit, strategy and other financial consulting

How to choose effectively stocks, bonds, and other financial assets to create and manage the investment portfolio?

Investment entities

ISM alumni work at these national and international companies

Executives of the largest international companies operating in Lithuania say ISM University provides highest quality education.

2019 Quarterly Lithuanian Investor Confidence Index Survey

General information


3 years + bachelor thesis

Study language


Bachelor of Business Management

Additional option – double degree

Study form

Part time in ISM and part time in partner university

Partner universities


on average higher salary compared to graduates of other LT universities

Data: Lithuanian Government Strategic analysis center, graduates of  economy, finance and management, 2017

1800 €

average salary after tax 2-3 years after graduation

Survey of ISM graduates 2019


graduates would recommend studies at ISM to friends or family


graduates are employed in their study field


lecturers from abroad

Every 3rd

owns a business


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Benas Adomavičius

Kristina Aldošina
Senior Lecturer

Jonathan Boyd
Associate Professor

Tom Hashimoto
DPhil candidate
University of Oxford

Maik Huettinger

Dmitrij Katkov

Asta Klimavičienė
Associate Professor

Aras Zirgulis
Associate Professor

Tuition fee

Number of credits


Semester fee for EU students

2480 €

Semester tuition fee for non EU students



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After graduation you will be able to

To explain the link between financial theory and business practice


To forecast company’s profit, cash flows and other financial ratios


To improve financial management and financial decision-making processes in business companies and other organizations


To apply modern information technologies in data gathering, analysis, and communication


To develop a business not only from a financial perspective, but also acknowledging the wider context, including ethical aspects and corporate social responsibility


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