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Become a marketing expert with this in-depth, market-oriented programme designed to arm you with knowledge and skills for career in marketing! We have the current updates from market professionals and globally-minded academics. It is the best-rated marketing study programme in Lithuania among master’s and bachelor’s study programs (SKVC, 2021).

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Roman Lobas, ISM tarptautines rinkodaros magistras.
ISM gave me an opportunity to learn, travel and explore my career, all while being surrounded by a supportive and inspirational community.
Roman Lobas
Venture Channel Manager for EMEA at Deel

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A brief overview of the study program

At ISM University, Zsofia honed vital skills in project management, user-oriented content creation, strategic brief development, and more through hands-on learning.
1,5 years + 6 months Master thesis
On average, three times a week on weekdays from 18:00 to 21:15
Masters of Business Management
120 ECTS
Insights from an ISM International Marketing and Management Master’s Graduate

Programme benefits

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Focus on Marketing
Focus on global marketing leadership through mastering consumers behavior, marketing research, value analytics and building strong brands.
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An Analytical Approach to Marketing and Sales
Master the skill of analytically evaluating diverse marketing and sales scenarios.
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Developed in collaboration with BI Norwegian Business School
The programme is designed with BI Norwegian Business School, the 2nd largest business school in Europe with the Triple Crown accreditation.
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The Most Recent Methods and Tools
Latest neuromarketing and digital marketing methods and tools applied.
Dominyka Venciūtė
International Marketing and Management programme director
This programme empowers you to communicate in the same language with top marketing professionals worldwide, transforming your ambitions into reality and infusing your determination with meaning. It covers a wide spectrum, from understanding consumer behaviour to mastering its measurement, and utilizing these insights to innovate new products and impactful campaigns. Ultimately, this program positions you at the forefront of the industry
Dominyka Venciute, ISM Verslo vadybos ir rinkodaros programos vadovė.
Dr. Dominyka Venciūtė ir Dokt. Raminta Rimkienė
Integrated Marketing Communications
Integrated Marketing Communications is the strategic glue that binds all elements of a marketing campaign into a powerful, unified message for maximum impact.
Dr. Dominyka Venciūtė ir Dokt. Raminta Rimkienė, ISM tarptautine rinkodara, magistras Vatroslav Skare
Digital and Social Media Marketing
This course advances students' knowledge of marketing by diving into digital and social media strategies from a brand's viewpoint. You'll learn key skills like managing online content, growing a social media presence, and using native ads and viral marketing. We also cover the shift of power from brands to consumers and how to engage audiences effectively. Finally, we explore how social media fits with other digital marketing efforts. The course aims to provide you with actionable skills for the modern marketing landscape.
Vatroslav Skare, ISM tarptautine rinkodara, magistras
Dr. Ricardo Fontes Correia
Service marketing
Services Marketing is all about understanding how businesses provide services, like banking, healthcare, or even your favorite coffee shop experience. What makes it exciting is that services are different from selling physical goods. In this course, you'll learn how to create great relationships with customers, how to fix things when they go wrong, and even how to take these skills worldwide. It's a hands-on course where you'll work on real-life cases and discussions, giving you the tools to succeed in the exciting world of service marketing
Ricardo Correia, ISM Verslo vadybos ir rinkodaros bakalauras.
Dominyka Venciute, ISM Verslo vadybos ir rinkodaros programos vadovė.Dr. Dominyka Venciūtė ir Dokt. Raminta Rimkienė, ISM tarptautine rinkodara, magistrasVatroslav Skare, ISM tarptautine rinkodara, magistrasRicardo Correia, ISM Verslo vadybos ir rinkodaros bakalauras.
Your studies

Program structure


What will I learn?

You will gain an understanding of how services are marketed, with emphasis on the significant difference between marketing of services and marketing of products.
You will raise awareness for the participants that corporations have a responsibility towards all stakeholders – not just towards increasing shareholder value. The drivers of CSR and sustainable development will therefore be discussed in an international and intercultural context.
You will delve in different research methods and practices in marketing and learn about the trends in the field such as neuromarketing research and usage of artificial intelligence in research.
You will learn how Integrated Marketing Communications fits into the overall marketing mix and marketing strategy and understand how the communications process fits into and works with consumer behavior with emphasis on the consumer decision making process.

What will I learn?

You will get into the mind of the global consumer and build on basic consumer behavior courses and discusses specificities of consumer behavior in international context.
You will develop the necessary knowledge and skills build strong brands, position them successfully and find a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Emphasis is placed on hands-on experience of analyzing, assessing and managing brands.
You will delve into a foundation on how to measure and manage customer value to increase profitable growth – and how to raise company’s customer value accountability to a higher level.
You will be introduced to advanced applications in financial management that are geared to maximize a company value. Covered topics include valuation, investment techniques, estimation of cash flow, and various aspects of risk management.

What will I learn?

You will study the digital marketing and social media phenomena and focus on topics which are critical in leveraging the power of social media, such are: content management, development of social media presence, mobile marketing and viral marketing.
You will assess the innovativeness and the coherency of an existing business model, create a new business model for the company and apply a portfolio logic for allocating resources to multiple innovation projects in a company.
You will examine both advanced and developing economies; address competitiveness at multiple levels – nations, subnational units such as states or provinces, particular clusters, and neighboring countries. You will do this in the Microeconomics of Competitiveness course which is a distinctive graduate course offered in cooperation with prof. M. Porter and a team of his colleagues at Harvard Business School (HBS).
You will start finalizing your Master’s studies journey and start working on your Master’s thesis.

What will I learn?

With the help of experts and a master's thesis supervisor, you will integrate the knowledge and skills you have already acquired by conducting a scientific study and contributing its results to the knowledge base within your field of research
Skills you’ll learn

In what areas will I gain expertise after completing this program?

You will acquire the ability to assess the strategic significance of the marketing process.

Acquire strategic skills through rigorous teaching and well-structured frameworks to adapt and be resilient in the changing landscape.

Learn how to create a business strategy using customer insights and competitor analysis.

You will gain expertise in crafting brand strategy and positioning.

Ming Yan, ISM tarptautine rinkodara, magistras
I chose this international master’s program because the field of marketing is extremely dynamic and constantly changing. Studying at ISM University gave me excellent digital marketing skills and taught me to always look at the situation from a broader perspective.
Ming Yan
Oxylabs Marketing Manager for China Market
Price, financing, and admissions

Studies at ISM – accessible to everyone


  • 2925
    Standard semester price
  • 2047.5
    Semester price for ISM graduates
  • 2486.25
    The semester fee for ISM corporate sponsor employees
  • 1316.25
    Semester price with state scholarship

Financing opportunities


At ISM University of Management and Economics, you can apply for studies three times a year during the preliminary, main, and supplementary admissions.
Time remaining until the end of early admission

Opportunities to study abroad

Studiju turas i Dublina
Unique opportunity

Study tour to Dublin

International marketing and management program students are offered a study tour to the headquarters of world-famous advertising agencies in Dublin!
ISM Universitetas, Bakalauro studijos. Dvigubas diplomas su BI Norwegian Business School.
Double degree program

Double degree with BI Norwegian Business School

Study in Norway, in one of the world’s 1 percent of Triple Crown-accredited universities (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB).
ISM verslo vadybos ir rinkodaros bakalauro dvigubas diplomas KEDGE.
Double degree program

Double degree with KEDGE Business School

Study in France, in one of the world’s 1 percent of Triple Crown-accredited universities (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB).
Dvigubas diplomas su BBA INSEEC-ECE (Prancūzija)
Double degree program

Double degree with BBA INSEEC-ECE (France)

Study in France, in one of the world’s 1 percent of Triple Crown-accredited universities (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB).
Global exchange abroad
Student exchange

Global exchange

More than 100 exchange partners in almost 50 countries around the world

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