ISM graduates actively participate in philanthropic activities and established social grants fund for young people that come from destitute families. Initiative to start raising funds for social grants started during conversations with ISM alumni back in 2012. Since then, social grants have been funded by more than 500 graduates. Our current students, parents and University staff kindly joined this initiative as well. There are 6 students that are currently studying at the ISM all because of these grants. All of them had a dream to join the ISM, but their families could not provide them with such opportunity. Funds for social grants are gathered during ISM Bachelor students’ graduation, alumni aid events, by designating 2% of income tax (GPM) or without special occasion. Providing better tomorrow for young people is a special occasion on its own, isn’t it? Recipients of incentive social grants are selected by alumni committee that assesses applicants’ social activities and their family financial situation.

For fifteen years ISM Masters’ Club have been providing a special “ISM Masters’ Club” grant that is bestowed upon the most active student.