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Accelerate your career with ISM

*ISM absolventų apklausa, 2022 m., apklausti 469 respondentai. **LIPI (Lietuvos investuotojų pasitikėjimo indeksas), Investuotojų forumas, 2019.
average netto salary after graduation
Lecturers from abroad
master alumni work in top or middle management positions
quality of studies according to the survey of the largest international investors
international students
The opportunity to get a diploma from ISM and one of the most prestigious business schools in the world

Our values

Why ISM?

The ISM community is international, it fosters one’s individuality and a close relationship with business. Here you will meet inspiring lecturers from around the world and your future business partners.
More about ISM
ISM University follows an excellent methodology combining practical sessions, group work, case studies and theory thus achieving maximum student interest and participation in lectures. Also, it is very interesting to hear lecturers who come from other countries of the world - these lectures are particularly interesting and memorable. A big plus was the ability to combine studies with work, as the lectures were held after working hours, which made it possible to easily schedule time and give quality attention to both work and studies.
Arnas Bušmanas
ISM international master's graduate

International Scope

What's special about ISM?

ISM offers a special opportunity to earn a double degree with prestigious universities in the US, France and Norway. In addition, visits to international organizations, business conferences and exchange programs in more than 100 countries await you.
More about international studies
One of the most interesting parts of my studies was a trip to Japan, during which I had the opportunity to get to know Japanese technology companies such as Toyota or Mitsubishi Aircraft, learn about the challenges they face in terms of innovation and technology management and propose solutions.
Marija Tuknevičiūtė
Graduate of ISM's Innovation and Technology Management master's program
ISM students work in these companies

Career and close connection with the business world

How will ISM help me achieve my goals?

Employers value ISM students and the knowledge they acquire during their studies
Studying at ISM University became the key to my career, which opened the doors of many companies and institutions. This is how I discovered my passion for the automotive industry, which continues to this day. Currently, working with the exclusive Bentley and Maserati brands, I enjoy the opportunity to put the knowledge gained during my master's studies into practice.
Ieva Navikaitė
Bentley Vilnius and Maserati Vilnius marketing and communication manager

Build your network

You'll find a network of like-minded individuals

At ISM you can grow your personal network of contacts that will invaluable in any career
Studies at ISM were valuable not only for the knowledge gained, but also for the acquaintances we made - we still communicate, share experiences and news, consult on work issues.
Julius Nasickas
Adform team leader

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