Doctoral studies

Here you will find international doctoral studies with world-renowned scientists and researchers, a motivating environment that promotes professional and personal development, and a strong and mature community of doctoral students.

Doctoral study programs

Why should you choose doctoral studies at ISM University?

Relevant and innovative research
ISM provides a conducive environment for professional and personal development
Doctoral studies provide expertise in addressing business, economic and society challenges
Remarkable careers
ISM Doctoral graduates’ careers in academia, business and the public sector are note worthy
Empowering environment
ISM provides a conducive environment for professional and personal development


Doctoral student's research and dissertations

Doctoral research
Doctoral dissertations

Doctoral student's research

Here you'll find a list of doctoral students currently studying at the ISM University of Management and Economics and their research areas

Doctoral dissertations

54 Doctoral dissertations defended at ISM University of Management and Economics (Social Sciences, Management and Economics) since 2004

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Prof. dr. Ilona Bučiūnienė
Dean of doctoral studies
+370 5 212 3960
Ugnė Gervickaitė
Manager of Research and Doctoral studies
+370 612 59672
Giedrė Antanavičienė
Programme Manager for Doctoral Studies and Educational Leadership
+370 612 91440
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