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Kristupas Buzys foto, ISM Vadybos ir ekonomikos universitetas, Bakalauro studijos

Best private university in Lithuania

“Reitingai”, 2023

The highest international rating in Lithuania

“Eduniversal”, 2023
ISM introduced me to the essential principles of business and management. Yet, I am most grateful for the people I met. Ambitious and intelligent students and authoritative professors served as motivation and a driving force, inspiring me to aim for more.
Kristupas Buzys
Marketing and Sales Department Director at MAXIMA LT, ISM alumnus

Pasiryžę eiti pirmyn

Pasiryžę eiti pirmyn. Mes padėsime kelyje

Today, everything seems simple. Everything seems easy. A career in three months, workation straight from the hammock, and work tasks accompanied by nothing but good vibes. It’s easy to be captivated by this vision, and even easier to be disappointed. However, those who have accomplished much in life understand that true success is attained by those who do not opt for the easiest paths but are willing to work and fight fiercely. Not against others, but against themselves.

ISM is designed specifically for such determined intellect adventurers. It’s a realm of science for those who understand that achieving results may require rolling up their sleeves and, at times, diving headfirst into challenges. No, we won’t offer a pre-prepared escape route each time, but a strong and supportive community – always. This will inspire the pursuit of knowledge and openness to innovation. Most importantly, it encourages not giving up after the first failure, and even more so after the tenth.

For those aspiring to professional heights – those aiming for more – ISM promises to be both a motivating challenge and a strong support. Be ready to move forward.

Bachelor’s studies

ISM – Experiencing Abroad in Lithuania

The opportunity to get a diploma from ISM and one of the most prestigious business schools in the world
The teachers have international education
The teachers have international teaching and work experience

ISM community speaks

ISM Instagram reel campaign
🎓✨ Join us on a little journey behind the scenes 🎬 of both ISM student lives and our campaign #pasiryžęeitipirmyn!
Karolina Maria Orr Reel ISM Instagram reel
Kilo Health ISM instagram reel
A colorful Wednesday ✋! Kilo Health hosted our Economics and Data Analytics students at their office to...
Marius Raugalas ISM instagram reel
How do you remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving #marketing industry?
Career Center

How ISM will help me achieve my goals?

ISM students get to know their future employers from the very first days of their studies. During their time here, they solve real business tasks, plan their careers, and are highly valued by their employers and colleagues. Our students' drive, initiative, and receptiveness to innovation enable companies to achieve real breakthroughs.
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Martynas Striukas, "Oxylabs" vyresnysis personalo atrankų partneris
Martynas Striūkas
Senior Recruiting Partner at Oxylabs
"ISM alumni not only have fundamental theoretical knowledge, but are also used to dealing with practical business tasks. They are able to assess whether an idea would work in practice, they also have a broad worldview and can think beyond the prism of one function, area or country. They see and analyze the wider context. In addition, these are employees who are characterized by proactivity, critical thinking, good time management and conscientiousness. The solutions presented by ISM students are often unconventional and outside the box".
Goda Leseviciute, "Vinted" ankstyvosios karjeros partner
Goda Lesevičiūtė
Early career partner at Vinted
ISM University educates its students to become international, interested, and ambitious professionals. ISM graduates possess excellent project management skills, can handle tasks that demand both analytical and creative thinking, and are well-prepared to articulate their ideas. These competencies enable graduates to work effectively in diverse environments, collaborating with individuals from various industries. This opens numerous doors and offers ample opportunities for career development.
Zivile Kaireviciute, "Swedbank" karjeros konsultante
Živilė Kairevičiūtė
Career consultant at Swedbank
ISM University alumni enter the labor market with well-developed entrepreneurial skills. They are ambitious, innovative, and highly proactive, taking a serious approach to their work and focusing on achieving KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). ISM graduates are not hesitant to take initiative and offer suggestions for process improvement. They swiftly integrate into their teams, are unafraid to ask questions, and consistently display a deep interest in their field that goes beyond the requirements of their positions. Furthermore, the vast majority of graduates are keenly interested in current topics such as investing or sustainability, and they know how to apply this knowledge in their work.
Mariano Andrade Gonzalez
Head of "Moody's" branch in Lithuania
At Moody's, we believe that a culture of sharing knowledge and experience helps us achieve our goal of helping people make better decisions. We pride ourselves on being a diverse team and make investing in the communities we work in a high priority. We put a lot of effort here. And it is certainly not only the ambitions to attract and retain the best talents in the future. In partnership with ISM, we are committed to helping young leaders reach their full potential.
Rita Karvaitienė
"CV-Online" Head of Marketing
ISM students and graduates possess unique characteristics: they are bold, confident, proactive, open-minded, and versatile. They are known for their erudition and agility. If you're seeking employees who not only excel in basic task performance but also bring creativity and advanced problem-solving abilities, who embrace innovation and an unconventional approach, you should consider recruiting ISM students and graduates.
Justė Pačkauskaitė
"Civitta" Managing Partner
ISM students possess essential qualities: they excel in problem analysis, express their thoughts clearly, are proficient with numbers, have a quick learning curve, communicate effectively, show proactivity, and embrace responsibility. We have numerous examples of ISM students who, during their careers at Civitta, evolve from young analysts into experienced experts whose analyses and advice are highly valued by company and organizational management.
Vaidotas Misevičius
Head of the Talent Management Department of Lithuanian Rail, ISM alumnus
Initiative, critical thinking and the ability to adapt in a rapidly changing environment - these qualities are necessary in our organization, and I think all people studying ISM acquire them
Monika Statulevičienė
Head of Employer Image and Talent Attraction at "Ignitis Group"
We value the professional preparation and versatility of ISM students and graduates - their knowledge is relevant, based on the latest international practices and easily applicable to solving real business problems. We are happy to attract energetic people whose desire to improve and achieve the best results allows us to implement the most ambitious business ideas.
Andrius Francas
Partner of "Alliance for Recruitment"
ISM students and graduates are highly regarded, not just by us, but also by our clients. Both competences and personal qualities are of utmost importance. Understanding the fundamentals of business, maintaining a positive attitude, possessing excellent English skills, and the ability to handle various situations are some of the qualities at which ISM students and graduates typically excel.
Valdonė Ugianskienė
"Versli Lietuva" personnel manager
In the energetic and constantly learning "Versli Lietuva" team, we have many ISM alumni in the fields of entrepreneurship and export promotion, as well as strengthening the startup ecosystem. When inviting you to join "Verslias Lietuvos", we say that if you lack specific knowledge, we will teach you, but you must bring courage, you must have accumulated wisdom, and you must have the dedication to work for Lithuania in your heart. We look forward to meeting and working with the new generation of ISM talent!
After studies

Studies at ISM – the best investment in your future

On average higher salary a year after graduation than graduates’ of other Lithuanian universities*
Average netto salary of bachelor’s graduates in 2 years after graduation**
Bachelor graduates hold middle or top management positions 2 years after graduation**
*Calculations made by ISM University according to 2019 STRATA data, comparing the salaries of graduates of first cycle studies in economics, finance, marketing, human resources, business and management. **ISM Graduate Survey, 2022, 469 respondents were surveyed.

Those who strive for more meet at ISM University

Welcome to ISM University, where dreams come alive and ambitions soar! It’s not just another ordinary university – it’s a place where the extraordinary meet. Those who yearn for more, those who refuse to settle for mediocrity. We’re talking about individuals who know that to reach the stars, they need to roll up their sleeves and put in the hard work.
More about the ISM Philosophy
ISM Vadybos ir Ekonomikos universitetas, Bakalauro studijos, ISM Filosofijos sekcijos iliustracija
What makes ISM special?

What makes ISM special?

Supportive Community

ISM is a boutique university where members have the opportunity to get to know each other well, including both students and business representatives. Here, professors remember your name and are familiar with your journey. We learn and celebrate together. ISM hosts a variety of student clubs and is guided by the idea of lifelong learning.
ISM community exhibits highly competitive environment, which both permits students to bring the best version of themselves along with creation of strong and resourceful network.
Vytenis Kukulskis (Ekonomikos ir Politikos bakalauro alumnas). ISM Universitetas, Ekonomikos ir Duomenu analitikos bakalauro studijos.
Vytautas Kukulskis
Alumnus of ISM Economics and Politics Bachelor’s programme
ISM Vadybos ir ekonomikos universitetas, stundetai, foto
Life at ISM

What makes ISM special?

Close Relationship with Business

In classes, students constantly tackle current business issues. Our students even complete internships in companies twice during their studies to better discover what suits them. The result? Business representatives highly value ISM students and alumni!
As an ISM student, I participated in visits to top Vilnius companies, including EY Lithuania, where I now work. These visits helped me build connections, explore career options, and showcase my skills to my current employer.
Yung Mihdi Nyelle ISM Universitetas, Bakalauro studentstudijos
Yung Mihdi Nyelle
Accounting Consultant at EY, ISM University student
ism university business
Life at ISM

What makes ISM special?

Located in the Heart of Vilnius

We’ve revitalized a historic building right in the heart of Vilnius. Here, in the lively Gedimino Avenue, you’ll find some of Lithuania’s largest companies and institutions. From the terrace where our community enjoys coffee together, you’ll have a breathtaking view of Gediminas’ Tower!
The campus is truly inspiring. I believe that having the opportunity to view the beautiful architecture in this location through G7’s large windows is incredibly motivating for students to pursue their goals.
Karolina Maria Orr ISM Universitetas
Karolina Maria Orr
Public Relations Account Executive, ISM University alumna
ISM Universitetas, Bakalauro studijos. Kuo ypatingos studijos? ISM - Vilniaus centre.
Life at ISM

What makes ISM special?


Right here in the heart of Vilnius, you’ll feel like you’re abroad, as ISM boasts many international professors, and your fellow students come from various countries around the world. Here, you’ll build a strong international network. And if you wish, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a double degree with universities in France or Norway.
One of the strongest things I took away from ISM is the belief that I can achieve anything I want. Because during your studies you get to meet people from various cultures, you quickly learn that you have a lot more opportunities and don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to one market, such as Lithuania, for example.
Deividas Matačiūnas, ISM Vadybos ir Ekonomikos universitetas, Bakalauro studijos, foto
Deividas Matačiūnas
Technical Data Analyst at Sunrise, ISM University alumnus
ISM Vadybos ir ekonomikos universitetas, stundetai, foto
Student clubs and organizations

ISM is not only studies, but also various student organizations and clubs

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