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Studies at ISM - the best investment in your future. Here you will find an international community, contacts with employers and a priceless network of connections.
"I was motivated to choose ISM University because of its internationality, innovativeness and individual attention to each student"
Austė Šilkaitytė
Entrepreneurship and Innovation student
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Start the best economics, management and finance studies in Lithuania! ("Reitingai", 2023)

Studies at ISM - the best investment in your future

*Calculations made by ISM University according to 2019 STRATA data, comparing the salaries of graduates of first cycle studies in economics, finance, marketing, human resources, business and management. **ISM Graduate Survey, 2022, 469 respondents were surveyed.
on average higher salary a year after graduation than graduates' of other Lithuanian universities*
Average netto salary of bachelor's graduates in 2 years after graduation**
bachelor alumni work in middle or top management positions 2 years after graduation
The opportunity to get a diploma from ISM and one of the most prestigious business schools in the world
lecturers have international education
lecturers have international teaching and working experience

Our Values

Why ISM?

The ISM community is international, it fosters one’s individuality and a close relationship with business. Here you will meet inspiring lecturers from around the world and your future business partners.
More about ISM
“I learned about ISM University in 10th grade and I was fascinated by the point of view, culture and values ​​of the students studying here. Internationality, innovation and a focus on each student were the reasons I made up my mind - I chose ISM. For me, the university is more than a place where you go to classes, so I wanted to study where both teachers and students focus on practical skills, look for opportunities and strive for more than everyone else - they want to be the best.
Austė Šilkaitytė
Entrepreneurship and Innovation student

International Scope

What's special about ISM?

ISM offers a special opportunity to earn a double degree with prestigious universities in the US, France and Norway. In addition, visits to international organizations, business conferences and exchange programs in more than 100 countries await you.
More about international studies
The two most important features of ISM University are quality and internationality. Teachers from prestigious universities around the world bring quality teaching methods and interesting study material, and the opportunities for ISM exchanges allow the students to broaden their horizons and become even more involved in the international community. A popular phrase among students is “ISM - a foreign land in Lithuania”.
Deimilė Kuzmauskaitė
International Business and Communication student
ISM students work in these companies

Career and close connection with the business world

How will ISM help me achieve my goals?

ISM will provide you with knowledge that is highly valued by employers, and the ISM Career Center will be taking care of your career from the very first year.
More about the Career center
ISM Career Center helped me to prepare my CV and throughly advised me on various issues related to my job search
Ugnė Merkelytė
Business Management and Marketing student

Šešėliavimo diena ISM!

ISM tau suteikia išskirtinę galimybę „pasimatuoti“ vienos dienos studento gyvenimą! Užsiregistruok žemiau esančioje formoje ir patirk, ką reiškia būti siekiančių daugiau bendruomenėje.

Galėsi susipažinti su ISM studentais, dėstytojais, pamatyti kaip vyksta paskaitos ir užklasinės veiklos, patyrinėti auditorijas, bendradarbystės erdves, biblioteką. Taip pat sužinosi apie siūlomas programas bei visą stojimo procesą paprastai.

Ateik ir pajusk visą ISM magiją!

Changed your mind? Change the study program after a year!

Suprantame, kad 12 klasėje nuspręsti, kuo būti – sudėtinga. Todėl ISM sudaro galimybę savo studentams lengvai pakeisti studijų programą po vienerių metų. Sužinok daugiau – registruokis į studijų konsultaciją arba užduok klausimą žinute.

Student clubs and organizations

At ISM you'll find not only studies, but also various student organizations and clubs

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Considering studying at ISM?

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