Real Success Requires Real Effort

Real success requires real effort. We'll support your journey.
Today, everything seems simple. Everythings seems easy. A career in three months, workation straight from the hammock, and work tasks accompanied by nothing but good vibes. It's easy to be captivated by this vision, and even easier to be disappointed. However, those who have accomplished much in life understand that true success is attained by those who do not opt for the easiest paths but are willing to work and fight fiercely. Not against others, but against themselves.

ISM is designed specifically for such determined intellect adventurers. It's a realm of science for those who understand that achieving results may require rolling up their sleeves and, at times, diving headfirst into challenges. No, we won't offer a pre-prepared escape route each time, but a strong and supportive community – always. This will inspire the pursuit of knowledge and openness to innovation. Most importantly, it encourages not giving up after the first failure, and even more so after the tenth.

For those aspiring to professional heights – those aiming for more – ISM promises to be both a motivating challenge and a strong support. Be ready to move forward.
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Bachelor study programs

Bachelor's studies

Early admission has started!

Secure your university spot through early admission, prepare for exams with more confidence, and enjoy exclusive benefits.
  • You will get to know the ISM community, future students, and teachers before the start of your studies. Familiarization sessions with program managers, a festival after matriculation exams, meeting future employers, and other VIP events await you.
  • You will have the opportunity to reserve a place even before the exams. And this means that you will go to the exams more confidently.
  • You can apply for a 25% scholarship covering the costs. This scholarship is available exclusively to those who apply through pre-admission.
  • We will evaluate not only academic results but also motivation. ISM meets those who strive for more. Therefore, not only grades are important to us, but also your desire to learn, act, and improve.

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More likely to go to university
Higher chance of getting a scholarship
Preliminary internship offer for university admission
Special ISM Insider Package

I felt calmer and more confident

Santa Kasperaitė
ISM International Business and Communication Program student, studying on the ISM '100 Talents' scholarship.
Bachelor's studies

ISM – Experiencing Abroad in Lithuania

The opportunity to get a diploma from ISM and one of the most prestigious business schools in the world
The teachers have international education
The teachers have international teaching and work experience
Bachelor's studies
Career Center

How ISM will help me achieve my goals?

ISM students get to know their future employers from the very first days of their studies. During their time here, they solve real business tasks, plan their careers, and are highly valued by their employers and colleagues. Our students' drive, initiative, and receptiveness to innovation enable companies to achieve real breakthroughs.
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After studies

Studies at ISM - the best investment in your future

On average higher salary a year after graduation than graduates' of other Lithuanian universities*
Average netto salary of bachelor's graduates in 2 years after graduation**
Bachelor graduates hold middle or top management positions 2 years after graduation**
*Calculations made by ISM University according to 2019 STRATA data, comparing the salaries of graduates of first cycle studies in economics, finance, marketing, human resources, business and management. **ISM Graduate Survey, 2022, 469 respondents were surveyed.

Those who strive for more meet at ISM University

Welcome to ISM University, where dreams come alive and ambitions soar! It's not just another ordinary university – it's a place where the extraordinary meet. Those who yearn for more, those who refuse to settle for mediocrity. We're talking about individuals who know that to reach the stars, they need to roll up their sleeves and put in the hard work.
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Student clubs and organizations

ISM is not only studies, but also various student organizations and clubs

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Considering studies at ISM?

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