The ISM library catalogue consists of literature and databases specialized in statistics, economics, finance, management and marketing. The catalogue also includes recreational non-fiction readings on topics of popular psychology and management, as well as general fiction. The ISM library offers places for group and individual assignments.

Free access to ISM Library resources is granted to all ISM University of Management and Economics community members (students, employees, academics).

If you are an ISM alumni or not a member of the ISM community, you can borrow publications by purchasing the library subscription service.

The library subscription service can be purchased for the following duration:

two weeks – 10 EUR;

one month – 15 EUR;

six months – 70 EUR;

one year – 110 EUR.

ISM Alumni, Members of ISM Master’s Alumni Club, Members of ISM Business Council, Supporters of the Excellent 100 programme, implemented by the public body “ISM Fund”, providing 4 or more scholarships are eligible to use the library for free.

Access to Library Resources and Services:

lending of publications;

access to the databases from the Library’s premises;

possibility to use the Library’s equipment (headsets, tablets, workstations, terminals);

consultations on the search for information.

The library account is activated on the first visit (the first book issued, use of electronic resources or terminals). A library subscription service user can borrow up to 5 publications at a time.

Library subscription service users must return publications on time or extend their borrowing period. Failure to return the publications by the due date will result in a fee for late payment of the publication (0.15 EUR / 1 publication for each day of delay).

If the amount of the delay fee exceeds 3 EUR, book lending is suspended. Users can borrow books again only after the delay fee is paid.

The library subscription service can be acquired by arriving to the ISM library and filling out the application form for library subscription.

You can find the full ISM library subscription service procedure here: Rules of provision.

The Library subscription service fee can be paid in cash or by payment card at the ISM library.

For more information email us at

You may order books from the Library catalogue:

Log in to the system using your ISM login and password;

In the Library and Resources section, select Library Catalog;

Perform a keyword search or any other method you like;

Select the book you want;

In the Copies section, click order;

Repeat the selection in the pop-up order table;

Wait for an e-mail that confirms the order is ready for pick up.

Information about borrowed books and due dates can be found in the ISM Virtual Library:

In order to login, please use your unique ISM user ID and password.

RefWorks – A bibliographic data collection tool.

This application runs on a browser, so no additional software is required;

Allows import data from different sources (also from ISM virtual library and databases);

Wide choice of export formats for bibliographic data and citations, including APA;

For more convenient group work, the ability to share bibliographic data with colleagues, complete and edit it across multiple accounts;

Ability to disclose or declassify your stored data;

The ability to use the Write-N-cite – RefWorks tool, which is very useful for writing scientific papers.

Login Information:

Registration on the system is simple, but it is necessary to do it on the ISM University of Management and Economics intranet (at your workplace or on any computer) and use your ISM email address. Go to and click Create Account.

Fill in the required fields (email, username, password), a system will ask you to enter a name (you don’t have to use your real name if you don’t want to) fill in some thematic questions and repeat the text shown. When done successfully, you will be connected to a system that you can use later.

A video description of how the system looks like and how to use it can be found here:

If you need help getting started with the tool, visit the ISM library and ask for consultation.

If you are searching for information on a particular topic you may use publications at the ISM library (see above in How to order books from ISM library catalogue?). You may also browse databases subscribed by the ISM library (scientific articles, research data, e-books, statistics). The complete list of databases and information on how to access these databases can be found here.

The staff of the ISM library provides assistance to those who are writing their final thesis or research papers at the Library or by e-mail . You may also send your inquiry by filling out the “ask a librarian” form

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

ISM Library charges a delay fee of EUR 0.15 per book for each delayed library business day.

If the amount of the delay fee exceeds 3 EUR, the issue of publications is suspended and there is no option to renew loans. Access to the library recourses renewed upon payment of a fee. Payment can be made at the library by cash or payment card.

The delay fee should be paid when it exceeds 3 EUR or more. ISM Library charges a delay fee of 0.15 EUR per book for each delayed library business day. The fee can be paid by cash or payment card.

If you cannot open the attachment, try downloading it to the hard-drive (via right mouse click) and then open it from the download location. If it is impossible to do so because of security measures or other settings, log on to the ISM virtual library where you will find all the relevant information regarding your book loans and return deadlines.

Electronic databases are available to use with unlimited access on ISM premises for all ISM community members.

To access the databases form homeAccess to all ISM subscribed databases is possible through VPN services. Instructions, how to download and install VPN client, you can find here:

  • Windows users instruction you will find here.
  • MacOS users instructions you will find here.
  • “Android” users can download app from here
  • “Iphone” users can download app from here


Every database has a help section where you will find information and tips on how to effectively conduct a search, save files, etc. If you need an individual consultation, seek out an ISM librarian. You can reserve a specific time for your consultation via email or by calling the ISM Library +370 6 122 0139

The Bloomberg terminal can be accessed both at the library and remotely. You can reserve the terminal via email or by calling the ISM Library +370 6 122 0139

You may request an ISIC student card and select a delivery method in the ISIC website:


Visit us and get your ISIC student card in 5 minutes.

  • bring your identity document (passport or ID card);

(Foreign students must be able to prove they are currently studying full time at college or university. Therefore, they must submit an official document (Confirmation) that: 1) states you are a full time student at your university or college; 2) indicates the end date of your studies; 3) is dated and signed; 4) has been issued not later than 3 months ago;


Book your card online at and choose to pick up the card at the ISM University of Management and Economics, Arklių str. 18 – 101, Vilnius.

ISIC student card with integrated public transport e-ticket costs 12 EUR.


  • for 1-3 year students, the card is valid for 16 months from the 1st of September of each year to the end of next year.
  • for final year students, the card is valid for 12 months, counting from the 1st of September of each year to the 30th of September.
  • for final year students with a study period of less than 3.5 or 1.5 years, the certificate is valid for 9 months, counting from the 1st of September of each year to the 31st of May.


Advantages of ISIC student card:

  • is the only internationally recognized proof of full time student status;
  • targeted student benefits and discounts in Lithuania and 130 countries;
  • ISIC card holders get full access to the greatest discount program for students in the world with more than 150 000 products, services and experiences relevant to all aspects of student life;
  • every card holder can download the ISIC App for free in order to use Virtual Student ID and see nearby discounts.


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