The best economics, management and finance specialists are graduates of ISM University


The publishers of the magazine “Reitingai” presented the latest rankings and evaluations of universities. The evaluations of Lithuanian universities according to the fields of bachelor’s studies reveal that the strongest economics, management and finance specialists graduate from the ISM University of Management and Economics. In these study fields, ISM ranks at the top position in the ranking table and is the leader in Lithuania!


The aforementioned ISM studies were rated the best based on employers’ opinions about alumni survey, taking into account the percentage of hired graduates who performed the best in the exams, alumni salaries and student employment indicators, as well as the average competitive score and the lowest competitive score of admitted students to state-funded and self-funded studies as well as the number of drop-outs.


Earlier this year, the university also announced the data of the LAMA BPO admissions system, according to which the largest part (15.2%) of Lithuanian high school graduates with the maximum exam scores chose ISM University for their bachelor’s studies.


Competitive career and excellent reputation among employers


The main reasons why students choose to study at ISM University are the high quality of studies, the positive experience of alumni, the positive assessment of employers who hire ISM graduates, and the competitive salary. According to the calculations made by ISM based on 2019 STRATA data, comparing the salaries of graduates of first-cycle studies in economics, finance, marketing, human resources, business and management, ISM alumni, 12 months after graduation, receive 25 percent higher salary compared to graduates from other Lithuanian universities.


ISM students establish contact with the largest Lithuanian employers right from the first year of studies, during organized visits to various companies, meetings with business representatives and career events. Students are given the opportunity to do the internship that best meets their expectations in the chosen company, and in the senior courses to receive promising job offers. According to the ISM Career Center, more than half of the students find a job during their studies, and the vast majority (98%) work in the field related to the acquired specialization. Every third alumnus starts his/her own business. Students can contact the ISM Career Center for career counseling, and with the help of university experts prepare properly for job search and first job interviews.


The taste of being abroad while in Lithuania


From the very beginning, students admitted to ISM immerse themselves in the life of an international university, and one can often hear them say that “studying here is like studying abroad while staying in Lithuania”. At least 50 percent of our academic staff have international experience, while students from foreign countries study in mixed groups with Lithuanians, thus creating opportunities for cultural exchange. First- and second-cycle students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to go on study exchanges in various European countries, as well as in Asia or in the USA: the university has established partnerships with as many as 100 partner universities. Some students also take advantage of the double diploma option, when they can get an education in ISM and in the top 3 percent of the world’s best business schools with Triple Crown accreditations, namely, BI Norwegian Business School, KEDGE Business School, INSEEC School of Business & Economics and Illinois Institute of Technology in the USA.


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