Some of the strongest economists in the country, such as Nerijus Mačiulis and Žygimantas Mauricas, have completed their doctoral studies at ISM University of Management and Economics. ISM University has a doctoral program in economics together with Vytautas Magnus University and Mykolas Romeris University.

General information

Length of study

Full time: 4 years; Part time studies: 6 years; Externally: up to 1 year.


Degree awarded

Doctor of Economics


Dissertation defence

Doctoral candidates may present their dissertation for defense when they:

– pass all the examinations provided in the doctoral study program;

– present their most significant research results in at least 2 articles published (or accepted for publication) in scientific peer-reviewed journals, or scientific monography;

– present their research results during at least 2 international scientific gatherings (conferences, seminars);

– complete academic practice.

ISM University of Management and Economics has a doctoral program in economics together with Vytautas Magnus University and Mykolas Romeris University.


Publications of Doctoral Students


  • Master’s degree or equivalent higher education
  • Scientific experience, participation in scientific activities


Diploma of Master’s degree or qualification adequate to it, its annex/supplement
Two letters of recommendation by scholars from Economics science field
Curriculum Vitae (signed by applicant)
List of applicant’s scientific publications (submitted in full biobliographic description) and their copies (submitted together with a copy of journal’s cover and contents page);
(if a scientific article in not yet published – a document issued by the editorial board of a scientific journal certifying the acceptance of an article for publication (after the reviewing procedure) and its manuscript)
Electronic copy of the scientific research project in .doc or .docx format, if two topics are indicated in the application, then 2 scientific research projects need to be submitted
Personal identification document
Documents notifying the change of surname if not all documents are submitted under the same surname
Other documents which an applicant wishes to submit
Payment for document registration

*Dates for 2022 will be announced soon

  • Submission of applications: 2021 07 01 – 2021 08 30
  • Doctoral Committee meeting with attendees (motivational interview): 2021 09 09 – 2021 09 17
  • Meeting of the Doctoral Studies Committee, in the presence of entrants (calculation of the results of the competition): 2021 09 09 – 2021 09 17
  • Information about the results of the contest: 2021 09 20
  • Appeals to the Doctoral Studies Committee: 2021 09 21- 2021 09 23
  • Submission of appeals to the head of the doctorate institution to which the person claimed: 2021 09 24 – 2021 08 27
  • Publication of list of candidates for doctoral studies: 2021 09 29
  • Signing of study contracts with the doctoral program: 2021 09 30

Applicants must submit an online application

  • 5523 EUR (full-time studies, 4 years)
  • 3682 EUR  (part-time studies, up to 6 years)

*Per semester


State scholarships for full time studies (4 years)*

The scholarships will be offered to full time doctoral students in Management and Economics. A scholarship covers the tuition fee and provides a student grant (for first-year doctoral students – 798 EUR/month; for second, third, and fourth year doctoral students – 924 EUR/month). Candidates to the state doctoral study scholarships are selected by means of competition according to the results of the competitive entry score.

Tuition fees discounts

Doctoral students who are graduates of an ISM Bachelor’s, International Master’s, or Master’s degree in Management are granted an ISM graduate discount. The amount of the discount is 30% of the tuition fee paid for the entire study period.

The discount is also given to doctoral students who have received a high competitive score.

Doctoral Committee of Economics programme:

Doctoral Committee is composed of researchers from all participating partner universities, co-ordinates, and assures the quality of doctoral studies and scientific research.

Doctoral Committee evaluates research topics of doctoral students, approves individual study programs, considers doctoral supervision issues, monitors doctoral student research progress, and assesses the quality of doctoral dissertations.

Doctoral Committee of Economics:

1. Prof. dr. Vilija Aleknevičienė – VMU

2. Doc. dr. Aušra Pažėraitė – VMU

3. Prof. dr. Kristina Levišauskaitė – VMU

4. Prof. dr. Violeta Pukelienė – VMU

5. Prof. dr. Vlada Vitunskienė – VMU

6. Prof. dr. Ričardas Krikštolaitis – VMU

7. Doc. dr. Mindaugas Butkus – VMU

8. Prof. dr. Ilona Bučiūnienė – ISM

9. Prof. dr. Valdonė Darškuvienė – ISM

10. Prof. dr. Eglė Kazlauskienė – MRU

11. Prof. dr. Asta Vasiliauskaitė – MRU

12. Prof. dr. Zita Tamašauskienė – VU

13. Prof. dr. Daiva Beržinskienė-Juozaitienė – VU