ISM Football Club

ISM Football Club announces recruitment of new members and invites every member of the university community who is interested in this sport to join, regardless of their experience or level of involvement in the world of football.

The mission is to help ISM community members who are interested in playing/watching football to find the opportunity to play football with like-minded people. The long term vision is to have a club that could represent ISM university in national or even international tournaments for college and university teams. The current plan is to arrange weekly practices and eventually gather a good team in time for any upcoming tournaments but also to remain a club where even the least experienced players could get involved and enjoy what will bring us all together to this club – the love for playing and watching football.

If you have any questions or would like to be involved in the development of the Club, please contact through email, in person or on Facebook Šarūnas Galinis () or Giga Bokuchava ()