CEO Club

About CEO Club

ISM CEO Club is a unique organization that has a mission to help and prepare students who see themselves in top management positions. While university’s lectures will continue to be the main source of knowledge, the CEO club will give its members the opportunity to gain valuable practical skills and understanding what the position of CEO is all about.

The cornerstone of club’s activities will be the meetings with real world CEOs that will come from different fields, companies and countries of operation. This will show a broad and differentiated picture of the position as well as outline the key challenges and the most important tasks this position has. Discussion-based meetings with real life experts will put students in simulative situations where they will be given the chance to be a decision maker. By doing this exercise they will be introduced with the main task and responsibility of CEO – the decision making process.

After completing the activities offered by the club students will have needed skills to further pursue and reach the position of CEO.

If you would like more information about the CEO Club, you may contact