Meet Asta Lisauskienė: The new director of the International Business and Communication Bachelor programme


Asta Lisauskienė is stepping into the role of the new Director of the International Business and Communication Programme, guided by curiosity and clear goals. She will aim to ensure students receive the most current and comprehensive education, effectively preparing them for professional success. Let’s dive into a conversation with A. Lisauskienė to get to know her and the uniqueness of the Programme.

Could you please tell us more about yourself? We are interested in learning about your educational background, career journey, interests, and values.

I’m deeply driven by curiosity – an essential instrument necessary for an interesting and successful journey in education, career, and personal growthrnrnCuriosity fuels my love for acquiring new knowledge, meeting new people, and embracing new challenges, making life more enjoyable and rewarding. My interest in business management led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration, followed by a Master’s in International Business. Starting my career as a broker, I advanced to a valuator and branch manager, gaining comprehensive knowledge of local business operations. Later, I sought international experience and joined Ober-Haus as a real estate valuator. Eventually, I qualified as a forensic expert, now advising in resolving real estate disputes in Lithuanian courts. With over a decade in the business, I have started doctoral studies to merge scientific perspectives with industry knowledge.

What specifically draws you to ISM University of Management and Economics and the International Business and Communication Programme?

When I was considering doctoral studies, I had conversations within both business and academic communities which led me to ISM University of Management and Economics, well known for its high scale of knowledge and quality of academic community.rnrnDuring my doctoral studies, experiences with foreign universities and academic conferences only highlighted ISM’s remarkable global engagement opportunities. The International Business and Communication Programme stands out due to its effective blend of essential business knowledge and facilitated international experience, along with numerous opportunities for practical experimentation, creativity, and growth.

What is needed to achieve excellence in international business and communication?

Achieving excellence in international business requires a comprehensive skill set, including both hard and soft competencies.rnrnThe International Business and Communication Programme excels in delivering a well-rounded education by integrating fundamental management and economics principles with specialized courses. These courses are focused on three key areas: knowledge of strategy of international business, in-depth management of international processes, and intercultural communication skills essential for fostering effective multi-level dialogues within global enterprises.

What are your main goals as the International Business and Communication programme director?

As the director of the International Business and Communication Programme, my primary aim is to ensure students receive the most current and comprehensive education, preparing them effectively for the job market. This involves leveraging the ISM university’s resources, expertise, and networks to offer exceptional learning experiences. A key focus is on expanding opportunities for students to gain international exposure through partnerships and enhancing practical, industry-related experiences.rnrnMy goal is to foster an environment where students not only acquire knowledge but also develop personally and professionally, aligning with the dynamic demands of the global business landscape.

Asta Lisauskienė, director of International Business and Communication Bachelor's programme 3

What do you envision students gaining from studying in this programme, and how will these accomplishments contribute to their academic and professional advancement?

Students in this programme will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the global business landscape, equipping them with the knowledge to start their own ventures. They will also be prepared to advance in international and multicultural organizations and make informed business decisions based on solid research. It offers a foundational framework for career development, providing the necessary tools for success in various professional environments.rnrnIt’s essential to not just improve course content over time, but also to keep the dialogue with students. This ensures that their expectations match the opportunities provided by ISM. Extensive access to international possibilities is a priority, as is motivating students to tackle complex topics in their bachelor theses, thus exploring new areas and perspectives.

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