Double degree program

After graduation, ISM students have the opportunity to receive two diplomas - from ISM and from a foreign university.

About Double degree programme

The double degree program provides excellent opportunities to gain international experience, expand academic and practical knowledge, and comprehensively prepare for career opportunities.
ISM University of Management and Economics offers Double degree programmes with 4 partner universities


By participating in a double degree program at a university in one of the countries of the European Union, students have the opportunity to receive a scholarship (EUR 540-600 per month, depending on the country of destination) for one semester.

Program benefits

You will receive diplomas from two universities after graduation
You will enrich your knowledge with the experience of another university
You will strengthen your personal circle of international business connections
It will be easier to navigate foreign markets

Frequently asked questions

No, not necessarily. We have different partners with different agreements. Please check the most updated information above. If you have any questions, please contact

The fees are different depending on the partner university. It is possible that the double degree program at your chosen university is free of charge. Please check the newest info above or contact

No, a bachelor’s or master’s thesis is written only once. Where you write it will depend on the double degree agreement.

Studying abroad may not account for more than half of your total study time. If you do not exceed this limit, you can try to combine Erasmus/bilateral exchanges and a double diploma exchange. In each case, you can contact for more details.

You must enter the competition to receive an Erasmus+ scholarship to a university that has an Erasmus Charter. Scholarships are awarded based on your competitive score.

International Studies Office contacts

International Studies Office
ISM University of Management and Economics
Gedimino pr. 7 – 202 room (II floor), Vilnius
Phone: +370 687 08080
Greta Kiškienė
Team leader for International Studies and Erasmus Institutional Coordinator
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Kristina Laurinčiukaitė
International Studies Coordinator (Outgoing exchange)
+370 612 17 221
Greta Tarnauskaitė
International Partnership Manager
+370 611 25561
Indrė Kasputytė
International Studies Coordinator (Incoming exchange)
+370 693 62 495

Career consultations

Are you studying ISM and want advice on preparing your CV or writing a cover letter? Register for a consultation! During it, we will help:
  • Review and edit your resume and cover letter
  • Consider internship/job search opportunities
  • Evaluate job/internship offers
  • Prepare for a job interview
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Simona Česnakaitė
Career Center manager
+370 612 59 672
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