Bilateral exchange

About Bilateral exchange

Want something more than Europe?

Try bilateral exchanges – universities in Asia, Australia as well as North and South America have something to offer.

A bilateral exchange program is the opportunity to study part of a study period (one or two semesters) at a selected university outside the European Union with which ISM University has a partnership agreement.

Important dates:

Vykstantiems į mainus 2023 m. rudens semestre atranka nuo: 2023.02
Vykstantiems į mainus 2023 m. pavasario semestre atranka nuo: 2022.09

Who can participate and what is the selection criteria?

Undergraduate students can go for an exchange from the 3rd semester (except for Finance students, who can go from the 4th semester). Students can apply if they have no more than one failed course.

Postgraduate students can go for an exchange from the 2nd semester, in case they do not have more than one failed course.

Students wishing to attend the universities with triple accreditations (EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB accreditations) must have an average grade of 7 or above.

The selection is carried out twice a year:

  • For the autumn semester – in the second week of February.
  • For the spring semester – in the second week of September.

You can find more information about the requirements and rules in the Mobility rules of ISM.


What country/university can I go to?

It is possible to go only to those universities with which the subjects are coordinated and an inter-institutional agreement has been signed. You can find the list of ISM partner universities here.

Will I get a scholarship?

Yes, you might get a scholarship.

Do the universities have dormitories? Are they free of charge?

The majority of the universities have the dormitories. Usually there is a fee for using them, but it is much smaller than renting a flat.

Will I have to pay an exchange university?

No, you do not pay the host university during the exchange semester.