High school student conference „ISM Insider 2024“


The most exciting and highly anticipated high school student conference, ISM Insider, is back!

Wondering how can you unlock the secrets to success?

At ISM, we’re all about believing that a successful career is not a coincidence – it’s a well-thought-out plan. And success comes to those who don’t choose the easiest path. That’s why we invite you to envision your future as an investment in life itself. After all, you are the ultimate decision-maker, and every effort you put in is a major long-term play. So how to navigate this investment journey and where to start? Get ready to be the hero of your story at ISM Insider conference!

Join us and spend the most memorable Wednesday at ISM with market experts, representatives from top organizations, and the most ambitious students from across Lithuania. During the conference, ISM lecturers, alumni, and community members will share their insights on self-investment. They’ll provide tips and personal stories, proving that even mistakes can be valuable investments that lead to success.🚀

Get ready for new connections, up-to-date knowledge, and you right in the spotlight. It sounds like the beginning of a real blockbuster!✨

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