About ISM

Welcome to a special place.

It’s special not because of auditoriums, geographic location, or learning tools (although we should admit that our auditoriums are nice, location – admirable, and lecturers – exceptional). No, it’s special because of students like you.

Those, who graduate from school and are ready to dive. Dive into new experiences, competencies, or skills. Dive, in order to go into the world in a few years with their head held high, and proudly say “I’m stronger and I’m ready”.

“Ready for what?”, people will ask you. And you will have an answer as ISM is the place where you learn to ask and answer, to develop your ideas, to empower them and to leave a mark.

ISM addresses you in English, how else since it’s an international university. It says “Learn to impact”. Learn to make changes, learn influence and persuasion. You want a better world, your own startup, fresh career global success? “Learn to impact”.

It’s a special place. Take as much of this specialness for yourself as you can.

ISM strategy 2025 – one step ahead


Business University of Northern Europe recognized for one step ahead mindset.

Our vision is to be a top-tier Business University in Northern Europe recognized for thought leadership, innovative approach to research based education, focus on future competences, commitment to lifelong learning, the will to explore and to deliver excellence in all what we do.


Challenge present. Inspire future. Empower change.

To serve as a platform dedicated to high-quality business education for students, current and future leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, experts. Together with business and societal partners, we co-create knowledge for critical thinking to challenge the status quo, inspire to make an impact and empower a sustainable change. Our community – students, faculty, staff, alumni, businesses partners – are contributing to society by taking leadership in shaping our shared future.


The main principles that we would like to commit to in our behaviors and decisions.

Community built on trust and collaboration.

We consider our community – students, faculty, staff, partners, alumni – to be the most important asset in achieving university’s strategic goals. We believe in personal and shared responsibility: we hold ourselves personally accountable to deliver on the commitments we have made and to extend help and support to whoever in need: a colleague, a student, or an alumni. We treat each other with respect, keep open minds and value diverse opinions as they provide opportunities for learning and growth.

Excellence in all what we do.

Excellence means that we pursue individual, communal, and societal development, and strive for continual improvement in the process of lifelong learning. We set high standards for ourselves, as well as for others with a commitment to become better in everything we do. For us, excellence represents a journey to mastery – a mindset that we have ourselves and inspire in others.

Courage to challenge status quo and think one step ahead.

courageous community is not afraid to criticize constructively, and not afraid to tell an authority figure they are wrong. We desire to create a safe environment for dissent. This includes fostering a culture of risk taking and learning to be comfortable with failing. We strive to reduce the risk of innovating by giving more leeway to courageous actors.

Responsibility to respect and deliver.

Responsibility means taking care of our students from the minute they enroll until they graduate, and guiding them on their journey of lifelong learning. We feel responsible for financially challenged and motivated students and provide support in financing their studies. We respect our community by openly sharing information, asking for feedback and reacting quickly. Our rules apply to everybody – from a student to the president. We respect the environment and have a plan how to reduce waste, energy, CO2 emissions, and commit to educate students and society about sustainability and social responsibility.


ISM is the only university in Lithuania that holds 4 out of 5 palmes of excellence

ISM University is now undergoing the process of receiving one of the most prestigious accreditation in the business school world.