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Application and admission requirements for exchange students (Erasmus, Double Degree and Bilateral programs)

Students from partner institutions who intend to study at ISM University of Management and Economics should first contact the International Office at their home university. They have to meet all requirements for the participation in the exchange program of their home university.

Nomination deadlines: May 1 / November 1.

Once a student has been nominated by his / her university, he / she will be sent an automatic link to ISM Online Application form. Students have to fill in their personal information as well as submit the documents, listed below.

The deadline for submitting Online Application is May 15 for the autumn semester and November 15 for the spring semester

Once a student has been nominated by his / her university, he / she will be sent login information to be filled in an Online Application form.
The info e-mail about the exchange at ISM and the automatic link to the ISM Online Application system will be sent in the first days of May / November.
In the MY2.ISM online application form you will be asked to enter your personal data as well as upload the documents:
• Learning Agreement (for Erasmus Students)
• Transcript of Records
• CV (in English)
• Motivation letter (in English) – Why would you like to study at ISM?
• 1 photo
• Passport / ID card copy
• Insurance copy (the Insurance policy should cover the whole period of stay in Lithuania. For EU citizens the European Health Insurance Card is also valid. For non-EU students insurance policy should be at least 20000 LT / 6000 EUR)

DEADLINE: The deadline for submitting Online Application is May 15th for the autumn semester and November 15th for the spring semester.
All documents (scanned copies) have to be uploaded to the ISM Online Application System (you will receive e-mails with the information how to log in to the system)
Please send all the documents at once!


After submitting your personal data and aforementioned documents you will also have to submit your LEARNING AGREEMENT with the courses you are going to study at ISM.

PLEASE NOTE: There have to be the signatures of your home university and yourself on the Learning Agreement, otherwise your courses are not going to be approved.

DEADLINE: The deadline for submitting Learning Agreement is June 1 for the autumn semester and December 1 for the spring semester. However, depending on the academic calendar of the home institution, the deadlines may be set differently for specific cases, previously arranged by the International Offices.

There is no specific system where to register yourself for courses – you will be registered to courses by ISM international studies coordinators.

All the courses have quotas for international students therefore students are registered on the first come first serve basis – the quicker you send us your Learning Agreement, the better are your chances to get the seat in your preferred course.

You can see the quotas, list of courses and Learning Agreement templates on www.ism.lt/courselist 

If your preferred course is full, you will receive an e-mail stating the cancellation of your Learning Agreements and you will have to choose different courses and upload your updated Learning Agreement on my2.ism system again.

After you send us your Learning Agreement and it has been approved by the vice-president of ISM, you will find your signed and scanned Learning Agreement on MY2.ISM system and you can download it from there.

After all your uploaded documents and Learning Agreement has been approved, you will be issued the ADMISSION LETTER, which will be your official confirmation that you have been accepted for your exchange at ISM University of Management and Economics. Admission letters are sent in July/December.

After you have received your admission letter you have to get ready and book your tickets to Vilnius!

You can read the Student Survival Guide, available on this website to get yourself familiarized with Vilnius and ISM.

This website also has sections regarding accommodation, and migration matters, do not forget to read the information there, as well.