"Structure of (im)possible decisions"


The New Year resolutions always imply something new: we want to change lives, organizations, and ourselves. Decisions should be made to tackle deeply rooted problems and find new ways for personal and organizational effectiveness. 

Christmas gift for ISM Executive Community: open lecture with two profound speakers, bloggers and authors on decision-making. Each solution is possible, as long as structures and principles are managed. Is it easy? Visit us, listen and discuss.


A decision making perspective on organization design

It is difficult to attain strategic goals without having an effective organizational model. But it is rarely a straightforward task to identify what the appropriate organizational model is for a given organization, or to gain consensus for a new or adjusted model among managers and employees. In this lecture, we will consider three different aspects of the decision making process related to organization design. First, we will briefly discuss how managers interpret the external environment and identify key “contingencies” that have implications for the choice of the overall organizational model. Secondly, we consider the grouping of roles and sub-units within the organization, and review principles and tools that can be utilized to improve such decisions. Finally, we discuss alternative ways of structuring the broader decision making process with the aim of gaining acceptance for a new model among managers and employees. The lecture will present some classic findings as well as new research in the field that shed light on these questions. 

Nicolay Worren  is associate professor in the School of Economics and Business at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He is also co-founder of Reconfig, a firm that offers a software tool for organization design. Before entering academia in 2015, he worked as a management consultant for 18 years, most recently with Deloitte. He has published a textbook (Routledge, 2018) as well as several articles in international journals. Prof. Worren holds a master’s degree from McGill University and received his doctorate from Oxford University. He writes a blog: Dr. Nicolay Worren comes to ISM as a visiting lecturer in Organizational Consulting Module, Executive Master of Management programme.



How to make "impossible" decisions

There are a number of decisions we face in our personal lives, business owners and managers face in business and politicians and government officials face that can be classified as "Impossible Decisions". They are classified as "impossible" not because they cannot be made - they have to be made and often under great pressure. They are classified as "impossible" because both options the decision maker faces (do something / don't do something OR do one thing/do another thing) not only has unique and desirable Pros or upside, but both options also have unique and very undesirable Cons or downsides. There is currently no Decision Support method or framework that is providing decision makers with the tools they need to make these type of decisions to discovery or create options with big upsides and small or no major downsides in a collaborative way. 

Dr. Alan Barnard, one of the world’s leading decision scientists, focused on understanding why people make, and often repeat bad decisions and leveraging this research to develop decision support methods and Apps to help people make better faster decisions when it really matters. Dr. Alan Barnard comes to ISM as a visiting lecturer in Profitability of Industrial Company (TOC Operations) module, Executive Master of Management programme. 






Event time: 6 p.m. 16th of December, 2019.

Venue:  ISM University of Management and Economics, III building, room 114B.

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