Vystymosi ekonomika (GRAE029)

Course description

The Development Economics course will be taught with an emphasis on finance and development. The course begins by assessing various problems in international development, how these problems are measured and which goals have been set to promote the development agenda. We then explore how development can be financed by looking at Overseas Development Assistance (ODA), examining theoretical arguments for ODA, innovative financing instruments and the incentive effects on Governments. The second part of the course delves into national Governments’ responsibility in the development process as it relates to revenue mobilisation, debt financing and public financial management reform. Finally, the course concludes by studying financial systems in developing countries, issues of financial inclusion, and the role of financial sector development in poverty reduction. The course will be taught using a mix of chapters from textbooks, journal articles, and policy documents from international development organisation. Classes will be a mix of lectures and tutorials.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of  key issues in international development and how indicators are measured
  • Explain theoretical foundations of overseas development assistance.
  • Evaluate the role of donors and the government in financing the development agenda.
  • Assess the role of financial sector development in promoting growth and reducing inequality.
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