Tyrimų metodologija (GRAE001)

Aims of the course
The course provides an advanced introduction to research methodology and techniques in applied economics and finance. It covers an introduction to research and science; main issues related to research design; quantitative and qualitative research approaches and related methods; selected number of research techniques in finance, integrated with appropriate financial theory and evidence. The course is designed to provide students a solid foundation for designing and conducting their own research and to enable them to become knowledgeable consumers of prior academic research results.
Learning outcomes
On completion of this course successful students will:
  • Appreciate the methodology of positive economics as applied to research in the fields of finance and financial economics.
  • Have a critical awareness of research issues, methodologies, and methods in finance and financial economics; obtain a systematic knowledge and understanding of issues at the forefront of empirical research in finance; have a knowledge and understanding of research skills in finance.
  • Apply the fundamental concepts of research design.
  • Demonstrate in-depth skills and experience in conducting problem-based empirical research and interpreting empirical results.
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