Žmonės, organizacija ir inovacijos (GRAI020)

Course aim

The purpose of this course is to provide a basic knowledge of people management in organizations with the focus on building the innovative organization. This course surveys issues pertaining to people in the context of organizations that seek to create innovative culture, including behavior and processes related to individuals, groups, and organizational systems. During this course students will address the key themes of the subject material: an individual’s attitude and effective management of motivation, group’s behavioral dynamics, and leading for innovation via theoretical and practical discussions and HBC case analysis’ workshops

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge and its application. Demonstrate and apply critical understanding of the contemporary people knowledge and identify opportunities for competitive advantage through innovation.
  • Research skills.Gain skills how to synthesize theoretical knowledge of innovative people management and undertake a sustained piece of empirical research aiming to identify possibilities for innovation.
  • Special abilities. Be able to analyze the organizational capability to innovate and provide recommendations for innovation and technology management opportunities.
  • Social abilities. Adhere to the principles of professional ethics and citizenship participating in discussions on relevant academic issues. Be able to lead the team and be accountable for its performance.
  • Personal abilities. Develop personal and professional abilities, critical thinking, and creativity.
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