Naujo produkto vystymas ir paslaugų inovacija (GRAV025)

Course annotation

The course deals with the process of new product development (NPD) and service innovation. The course is divided in two parts. The first part focuses on the basics of innovation management. In particular, after clarifying what innovation is and how firms should look at it, the focus will go to the organizational antecedents of innovation: the routines and the best-practices that make some firms more innovative than others. The second part of the course focuses on the sources of innovation and on the process of new product development, with a special focus on service firms. The course is based on frontal lectures, case-study discussions and experimentation. A willingness to work in group and to interact in class is a necessary prerequisite to successfully complete the course.

Course aim

The main aim of the course is provide students with the basics of innovation management and new product development in a fast changing economic and technological scenario. Specific aims of the course include:

  • To provide students with appropriate knowledge and tools to self-assess the innovation capacity of a firm and to benchmark it with competitors.
  • To learn which routines and best practice allow firms to become more innovative.
  • To learn where and how to look for new business ideas (innovation sources).
  • To learn how to manage the New Product Development (NPD) process in a systematic way.
  • To learn how to innovate at the business model level.

Learning outcomes

  • Measuring the innovation capability of the firm and benchmarking with competitors.
  • Learning which best practices allow some firms to be more innovative than others.
  • To learn how and where looking for new ideas, which strategies and which tools using for doing it.
  • To learn how to manage a NPD process.
  • To learn how to innovate at the business model level.
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