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Netherlands (Nyderlandai)


The Netherlands today is one of the world's most prosperous countries. A highly developed system of social welfare ensures that everyone in The Netherlands has an opportunity to share in this prosperity. In Rotterdam Business School students find an international environment as the interest shown by foreign students to study at IBMS increases every year. IBMS is already hosting thirty nationalities. The Trade Management aimed at Asia (TMA) programme also adds to the international character.The international experience that students gain at IBMS both in their studies and in the social environment, gives them a head start over other students that will be reflected by their success rate in applying for jobs.
Accreditations and Rankings
Study language
Courses offered for exchange students
Study mode
The normal study load in a semester (2 blocks) is 30 ECTS. You have to take at least 24 ECTS in a semester and a maximum of 32 ECTS per semester.
Information for incoming students
Application deadlines for exchange students
For Autumn semester – May 1st
For the Spring semester – November 1st
Preliminary semester dates
Autumn semester – end August - February
Spring semester – February - July
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