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Windesheim University of Applied Sciences in Zwolle provides fully accredited professional education to over 17.000 students. Windesheim offers degree programs in 50 different disciplines. Windesheim degree programs are characterized by a student-focused, practice-oriented approach. Windesheim also offers education at locations in Utrecht, Lelystad, Haarlemmermeer and Almere.                                                                                
Zwolle is a provincial capital northeast of the country’s geographic centre. With a population of over 110,000, Zwolle is an economic hub with a rich history. At its heart, cobbled streets thread their way between great churches and imposing monuments to the city’s mercantile past. Around this inner district is a dynamic modern town large enough to provide all the amenities of twenty-first century life, yet small enough to keep them close at hand.
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Courses offered for exchange students
Study mode
Depending on what subjects you study, your performance may be assessed in written or oral exams, or by giving you assignments. Assessments are usually at the end of the study block. If you fail an exam, you may re-sit it once (normally during the next block). If you fail again, you will probably be advised to repeat the module. Special arrangements may be made for international exchange students who have to go back home.
Information for incoming students
Application deadlines for exchange students
For Autumn semester – June 1st
For the Spring semester – November 1st
Preliminary semester dates
Autumn semester – September  – January
Spring semester – January – June
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