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Burgundy School of Business, founded in 1899, is a leading teaching and research school belonging to the network of top French academic institutions in management. With their deep commitment to the values of responsibility, openness and creativity, the School places entrepreneurial management firmly at the centre of their teaching and research mission -  to train managers ready to act as entrepreneurs in both business and society at large. Burgundy School of Business has 120 international academic partners in 41 countries. The School is recognised for its high-quality education by thousands of companies in France and around the world. Burgundy School of Business is located in Dijon, the capital of Burgundy, known in France as "the land of great art and good living". Dijon artfully combines tradition and modernity, and is considered as one of the most desirable towns in France in terms of quality of life.
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Application deadlines for exchange students
For Autumn semester–Nomination deadline: 15th of April ; Online application deadline 30th of April;
For Spring semester –Nomination deadline: 2nd of November; Online application deadline 15th of November;
Preliminary semester dates
Autumn semester – 5th of September - 6th of January
Spring semester – 9th of January - 11th of May
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