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The aim of the subject – to provide students with essential knowledge of modern marketing theory as well as practical application skills thus creating a market-oriented thinking basis.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • Understand the added value of marketing to organizations and its evolution.
  • Be able to analyse and research micro and macro environments, perceive the most important marketing threats and opportunities for an existing or newly created business unit, product or service.
  • Be able to envisage market opportunities and offer goods or services to the market that meet consumer needs.
  • Define the main segmentation criteria, be able to identify the market segment based on the basic methods of segment identification, choose the target market and the most appropriate market coverage method.
  • Be able to adapt the elements of the marketing complex to the target market, considering the micro and macro environments, product life cycle and company capabilities.
  • Be able to make estimates of marketing expenses and income for one year.
  • Be able to work in a team, effectively and creatively solve practical marketing problems, be able to present the results of group work in writing and orally, as well. Be able to argue the proposed solutions.


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