Verslo vystymo projektas (GRAL009)

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Anglų kalba
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Course goals

This module aims to enable students to apply theoretical leadership and strategy knowledge gained during the programme into a practical, real-life situation. During this module, students are asked to showcase their learning through the creation of an entrepreneurship project. This s entrepreneurship project will integrate and consolidate, extend and augment, and apply the program’s interdisciplinary learnings. As part of this project’s development, students will have to work collaboratively, practise leadership skills while interacting with relevant stakeholders, negotiating for resources and looking for opportunities to create value for business, community or society. Overall, this module aims at providing students with the opportunity to become the new type of leader, putting into practice the knowledge gathered through immersive learning of leadership, strategy, and innovation.

Course results

  • Critically evaluate information and analyse market environment to solve a problem and make business decisions;
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply leadership and strategic thinking knowledge in the practical context of the project and scale the project to a global environment;
  • Develop the ability to work both independently and collaboratively to achieve set deliverables within agreed timeframes;
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively to audiences in a business context and to work with stakeholders across different contexts and countries;
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial, organisational, communication, critical and creative thinking skills.


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