Verslo socialinė atsakomybė ir tvarumas (GRAV034)

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Course description

The role of corporate responsibility and sustainability has gained momentum in the last decades. This advanced course focuses on a deeper understanding of the interaction between organizations, society, ethics, corporate responsibility and sustainability. The dominance of US based literature, has suggested the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility as the main doctrine. However, considering the historical, economic and political context – the situation in Europe is fundamentally different. Unlike in the United States, the question of philanthropy plays only a minor role in Europe. On the other hand, the question of social, legal, environmental, and economic responsibility – within the context of a welfare state – dominates daily business life. The course will therefore take a more holistic approach – and concentrate on the question of how Corporate Responsibility has to be handled in an international context. Moreover, alternative models aiming at a win-win situation of society and corporations will be present. Besides, a focus will be on stakeholder theories, as well as on the role of NGOs, consumer perception, and the government.

Course goals

The aim of the course is to raise awareness for the participants that corporations have a responsibility towards all stakeholders – not just towards increasing shareholder value. The drivers of CSR and sustainable development will therefore be discussed in an international and intercultural context.

Course results

During this course, you will:

  • To understand the forces which are driving CSR and Sustainable Development in a European Context.
  • To understand the impact of the government and the capitalistic system which drives the role of the corporation in a society.
  • To understand the philosophical background of current CSR and sustainability theories.
  • To apply CSR and sustainability concepts in practical business situations.
  • To develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


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