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The module will introduce to the legal principles that govern various business situations and apply those principles to an issue to determine the outcome when the law is applied to the facts of a scenario. In this module, we continue our discussion of contract law by focusing on the enforcement of agreements. The module will examine who can enforce contracts, then discuss when contracts can be enforced in court, and end by looking into what types of awards courts will grant when a party has been the victim of a breach of a contract. you will learn the foundations of the laws governing employees and employers. The module will introduce on the law of agency, which underpins all employment relationships, the forms of setting up businesses, law regulating intellectual property.

Dalyko rezultatai

Will be able to describe legal system in Lithuania and business legal environment.
Will be able to identify the main laws regulating business legal environment.
Will be able to identify legal sources, the system of courts in Lithuania, the main procedures for resolving business disputes, and alternative ways to solve business disputes.
Will be able to describe the main forms of business organization, to name their advantages and disadvantages.
Will be able to understand the main principles of contract, employment, customer protection, intellectual property, and civil responsibility principles.
Will be able to describe the principles of commercial international law and unification of law on the international level.
Will be able to analyze and resolve practical legal issues common for business organizations.


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