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Negotiation practice itself is undergoing much change. This involves changing patterns of doing business. It requires application of effective bargaining, conflict management and negotiation intervention.In present times, international negotiation requires abilities to appropriately deal with, many new urgent issues on the global agenda and different actors and new emerging norms. As result being innovative while generating ideas for making better agreement is a skill which every individual need to possess

Dalyko rezultatai

  • Equipped with practical skills needed to be successful in the international negotiation and diplomacy arena;
  • Able to communicate, cooperate, compete, and engage in negotiation with people from their own and other cultures;
  • Assess and analyse ethical dilemmas at negotiation;
  • Able to develop relationships and value diversity of cultures, especially in the context of problem; solving and negotiations and at a range of levels, from  the interpersonal to business to international diplomacy;
  • Able to evaluate the potential outcomes of problem solving or negotiation with members of their own culture or another culture;
  • Able to better solve conflicts, negotiate and bargain in the way so that individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds can work effectively together in multicultural environment;
  • Establish and maintain contacts that will lead to creating relationships, and reach agreements.


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