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This course is designed to facilitate a more “practical” understanding of strategic issues facing companies who manage (or intend to manage) their operations within as well as across national boundaries. The course focuses on the real challenges companies face in a ‘international management’ context. In general, these challenges pertain to identifying, evaluating, and making tradeoffs across international, national-, industry-, firm-, and personal- level contexts. Thus, this course will discuss strategy formulation- and implementation-related issues as well as generate solutions to companies’ international management dilemmas.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • Perform strategic analysis in a variety of industries and competitive situations and, especially, to provide them with a stronger understanding of the competitive challenges of a global market environment.
  • Assess business strategy, reasoning carefully about strategic options, using what-if analysis to evaluate action alternatives, and making sound strategic decisions.
  • Participate in the managerial tasks associated with implementing and executing company strategies, drill them in the range of actions managers can take to promote competent strategy execution, and give participants some confidence in being able to function effectively as part of a company’s strategy-implementing team.
  • Practice managerial judgment, help students learn how to assess business risk, and improve their ability to make sound business decisions and achieve effective outcomes.
  • Employ proficiency in using personal computers to do managerial analysis and managerial work.
  • Acknowledge importance of exemplary ethical principles, sound personal and company values, and socially responsible management practices.
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