Strateginė vidinė komunikacija

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Course description

The course aims to gain a competitive advantage in a fast paced and evolving business environment, organizations need to connect, engage, and involve their most important asset – employees. Considering that employees are involved in public relations in some form or the other, an organization’s true culture and character is shaped by how employees are equipped to interact, collaborate, and express themselves. This course will cover internal communications theories and practices, digital media, engagement, change and executive communication among others. It aims to empower students with transferable skills to succeed in one of the fastest growing management and communication disciplines. Also, to navigate change as an employee, manager or leader irrespective of the role they play or the industry they work in the future.

Course results

  • Key concepts of internal communications – theory and in practice; current trends and issues.
  • Discuss and analyze issues within the area of audience understanding and planning communications.
  • Assess and review channel management, digital media and communication listening.
  • Appreciate the nuances of change communications and internal image perceptions.
  • Understand executive communications from the perspective of employee connection and engagement.
  • Acknowledge and engage with internal crisis communication and reputation in an evolving work environment.
  • Demonstrate clarity and acumen to evaluate, assess and audit communication, appreciate climate and measure success.
  • Explain the importance of corporate social responsibility/sustainability messaging as an authentic business approach to engage with the community and deliver stakeholder value.