Socialinės ir tvaraus verslo inovacijos

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Anglų kalba

Course description

There’s no alternative to sustainable development and innovation is a core capability of any business today driving it. This module uses a multidisciplinary lens and brings together key concepts and evidence-based frameworks in sustainable business and organisational innovation. Can businesses meet the needs and create economic, social, and environmental value for their various stakeholders? The module focuses on building sustainable human capital and innovative capability of the firm as a key driver for socialy and environmentaly responsible business.

Course goals

Throughout the module students will learn and apply innovation methods such as design thinking, frugal innovation, and co-creation to develop social and sustainable business solutions. Students will leave equiped with theoretical knowledge, innovator‘s mindset and tools to drive businesses for a better world.

Course results

  • Understand and critically asses key theoretical frameworks and debates in social and sustainable business innovation.
  • Think critically, analyse problems, understand, apply and develop concepts, synthesise different types of information, evaluate and make rationally argued judgements.
  • Apply principles of design thinking as a problem solving method to solve sustainability challenges.
  • Research a topic or problem, apply qualitative and quantitative methods to make evidence-based decisions.
  • Communicate effectively: written and oral, as well as effective use of data, and new collaboration tools.


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