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The course focuses on applying simulation-based learning to analysing politics, economics and public policy, often through the lense of conflict. While scientific theories offer an understanding of political and economic processes, simulations build upon this knowledge by applying it to real (or projected) events. During the course, student groups will select a political and/or economic topic of their choice and develop an interactive analogue simulation game for it. By combining theory, literature analysis and other tools, the course will help understand how simulations can serve as a means for research, education and analysis.

Dalyko tikslas

This course aims at providing the framework for studying political and economic processes through interactive simulation development and use. Students will be provided with tools needed to develop simulation games based on scientific theories and research that can generate additional insights into the area of political economy.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • Understand the use of simulations in the study and research in politics and economics.
  • Understand the types of simulations and their practical application to inform policy and business decisions.
  • Define the elements of simulation and serious game design.
  • Structure and develop interactive simulations in the areas of politics and economics.
  • Carry out political economy research needed to make theories applicable to simulations.
  • Implement group projects of high complexity, needing a broad set of skills from research to time management.
  • Analyse the results of interactive simulations and interpret their results in terms of political and economic processes.
  • Use simulation games to teach others about a specific topic in political economy.
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