Rinkodaros tyrimų specifiniai klausimai (GRAV029)

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Course description

The course provides an understanding of how marketing research is practiced today. It gives the overview of different research methods and practices in marketing, presents the trends in the field such as neuromarketing research and usage of artificial intelligence in research. In the modern world data itself is no longer a competitive advantage, the main competitive advantage is what companies and businesses are doing with the data they already have or the data received while performing marketing research. The course will overview different research methods suitable for answering various marketing questions, e.g. what are the needs of my consumers, whether my brand stands out in competitive environment, how to enter the market with new brand or product, etc. The knowledge and skills acquired by the students during the course will allow to critically evaluate different possibilities of conducting the research and empower to design the needed study by themselves.

Course results

During this course, you will:

  • Identify a marketing problem, translate it into a research question, and design a methodology to properly conduct the research.
  • Compare different research strategies and execute them.
  • Design a research project and collect data.
  • Analyze data and draw reasonable interpretations as well as communicate research findings in a clear and well-organized way.
  • Examine changing marketing environment and use proper up-to-date research methods and technologies to solve marketing problems.