Rinkodaros principai (MNG103)

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Dalyko aprašymas

To provide students the fundamental knowledge of current marketing theory and to put backgrounds for market oriented thinking, both strategically as well as tactically. It also aims to train skills in analysing business situations, written and oral presentations. the course is that students will be able to analyze various business situations.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • To name major marketing concepts, analyse marketing evolution and its current role in business.
  • To analyze and research micro and macro environments, by determining the major marketing threats and opportunities for acting of new business establishment or product.
  • To identify market opportunities and propose products or services that meet consumer expectations to the market.
  • To name the major segmentation criteria, to identify market segment on the basis of custom segmentation principles, to select target market and the most appropriate market coverage method.
  • To adapt marketing mix elements for target market having regard to micro and macro environment, product life cycle and company’s resources.
  • To draw basic annual marketing budgets.
  • To work in a team, to present work results in written or oral form, to argue decisions.
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