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The course focusses on strategic aspects of implementing innovations through projects, programs/products and portfolios. Multiple learning formats are used throughout the course, including lectures, workshops, group work assignments and classroom presentations. During workshops, in an intensive group work environment students develop real-life innovation project plans. Results of the group work are discussed and presented in a predefined format. Learning process also includes analysing and discussing contemporary innovation management practices described in academic and professional publications.

The course has two main aims:

  1. It is designed to develop the insights and skills necessary to critically analyse, assess and improve innovation-related project work in organizations. To achieve this a particular focus on understanding an agile framework (i.e. ‘navigating in unknown’) in relation to planning and executing projects will be given.
  2. Thinking into the future of online planning and collaboration, the students will learn and practice online collaboration tools, such as Trello, Jira, Planview, Excel, Balancing Iron Triangle: Time, Resources, Cost.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • Have a critical awareness of the models, roles, responsibilities and functions of innovation project management.
  • Can illustrate the difference among operational, organizational and strategic project management.
  • Demonstrate the gained operational project management skills.
  • Able to apply process-oriented organizational project management models.
  • Analyze strategic alternatives based on innovation portfolio management.
  • Display teamwork skills and understand people side of project management.
  • Critically assess the value of lessons learned in project work.
  • Analyze and implement innovation project management concepts in organizational setting.


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