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The course introduces students to the history of political thought. This knowledge is crucial for a better understanding of how politics are influenced by social ideas and philosophical currents of the time and how political ideas evolve/erode in time. The topics covered include science, human nature, religion, history, culture, as well as poststructuralist, postmodern trends in political science itself.

Dalyko tikslas

This course is mostly theoretical and a historical overview of the development of the Western political thought, however, real life examples will be used to illustrate the points made during lectures. During the course students will discover how different the development of political ideas resonates with and originates from the philosophy and ideas of the time. Critical thinking will also be encouraged and used, especially when analysing the sociological side effects of application of political theories and in analysing the political polarisation of social phenomena. This will be useful in further studies for argument analysis and adding wider context of politics to one’s future studies.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • To explain how political thought originates in philosophical reasoning of the time.
  • To identify socio-political contexts of the time which triggers philosophical ideas, which consequently, triggers political ideas.
  • To introduce the major political thinkers from antiquity to present.
  • To explain how the law and political institutions are dependent on visions of human nature and what are their consequences for politics.
  • To explain how the politics of defining religion shaped the political attitude towards it and how this affects contemporary sociopolitical relations.
  • To explain the interrelationships of political ideas and economic models.
  • To explain the interrelationship of political ideas and the new social movements.
  • To explain how contemporary political currents (re-)negotiate and redefine elements of the social reality and where it takes us.
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