Organizacijų elgsena (MNG107)

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Organizational Behavior is the multidisciplinary field that seeks knowledge of behavior in organizational settings by systematically studying individual, group, and organizational processes. Organizational Behavior has four essential characteristics: (1) the use of the scientific method that informs research; (2) a focus on three levels of analysis; (3) a multidisciplinary perspective that borrows from psychology, sociology, and quality management; and (4) an orientation toward improving organizational effectiveness and the quality of life at work. The dynamic nature of organizations and significant environmental forces have given rise to rapidly developing topics that promise to ensure that OB will continue to be an interesting field of study.

Dalyko tikslas

The module aims to introduce students to the major organizational concepts and be ready to systematically evaluate and solve problems related to organizational behavior.

Dalyko rezultatai

  • Knowledge and its application. Demonstrate and apply critical understanding of the contemporary OB knowledge.
  • Research skills. Gain skills how to synthesize theoretical knowledge of OB and undertake a sustained piece of empirical research.
  • Special abilities. Be able to analyze the organizational capability to perform successfully and provide recommendations for management opportunities.
  • Social abilities. Adhere to the principles of professional ethics and citizenship participating in discussions on relevant academic issues. Be able to lead the team and be accountable for its performance.
  • Personal abilities. Develop personal and professional abilities, critical thinking, and creativity.
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